Impressions of the Venice Biennale by a Natural Stone admirer

During the summer, we organised a contest with Nicanor García to take one of our followers in our social media profiles to the Venice Architecture Biennale. This contest consisted of asking our Instagram community: What does Natural Stone mean to you? Pilar Sebastián Rico, civil engineer and interior designer, has won the prize thanks to this inspiring answer: “Natural Stone is the memory of time, the resistance of architecture and the texture of spaces.”

Last November 12, Pilar traveled to Venice to experience this encounter of knowledge and exciting architectural proposals where Grupo Levantina has taken part, for the first time in its history, through the artistic proposal called Dynamic Cities, designed by architect Joaquín Alvado.

After her visit to the Biennale, we interviewed Pilar Sebastián to know her impressions:

What was your impression of Levantina’s space: “Dynamic Cities”? 

Through the projections on the pieces, I could understand the need for the evolution of cities to be a reflection of society, open to current changes and necessities.

What did you think of the Spanish pavilion: “Unfinished”?

It seems to me a criticism to the way the Spanish society walks, obviously increased by the construction crisis. It’s a good experience to learn to enjoy the processes, to take them into account, not only in architecture, but in any life project.

What other exhibition has caught your attention and why? 

It interested me how the Belgian pavilion elevated the value of the construction elements presenting them as crafts. In addition to the form of representation on a scale of 1:1 and background documentation, I’ve found it impressive.

How does Natural Stone stand out at the Biennale? 

From my point of view, elements that are natural and modest, from Natural Stone to straw, are presented with great value as architecture components. First for its function to meet needs and then for its aesthetic qualities, in the path towards a sustainable and “natural” development.

What is the atmosphere at the Biennale?

There is an atmosphere of commitment to the development of architecture, considering how to get the best face of materials and spaces; there’s also the commitment to think beyond aesthetics and to include different types of civilizations in the same project.

Summarize your experience in one sentence.

Short and intense, to think, learn and continue to investigate all the possibilities of my profession.

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