Internet in the kitchen: Smart appliances that talk to you

Technology in the household is advancing at great speed. New solutions make our lives easier, whether we are inside or outside of the house. The Internet of Things has come to disrupt daily household tasks. In the kitchen, smart appliances connected to our Internet show us that the home of the future is here. A true success.


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Remote household tasks


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Smart appliances connected to the Internet and our smartphone or tablet provide an innovative way of tackling certain household tasks. With an interconnected world to handle operation and functions, the goal is to improve life quality, safety and comfort. In all, to make our life easier. Ovens, washing machines, refrigerators, coffee machines, and other devices can be operated remotely with precision, from a single device, with simple apps. It is a new technological advance of the IoT. In turn, this helps us enjoy a more energy efficient life, since this connectivity allows for energy and water savings.

The main feature of these smart appliances is that they are connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi. Their performance increases and some of their functions are streamlined, so it doesn’t matter where we are. In the office, about to get home, in the car… some of these new generation appliances can even be fixed remotely when they have a minor breakdown.

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An app (such as Home Connect) on the phone, computer or tablet is all that is required to operate these appliances. In general, manufacturers create their own app. If all our smart appliances belong to the same brand, one app will control them all.

Disruptive household aids


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The main brands in the industry openly support smart appliances and believe in their efficiency. Thanks to them, the Internet is disrupting contemporary kitchens. Daily tasks are simplified as much as possible, such as starting the dishwasher or programming the washing machine. In addition, connectivity allows cooking healthier and à la carte meals according to the eating habits of each of the household members.

These technological aids transform the kitchen into a smarter space. New refrigerators connected to the Internet show their interior in real time on a phone. We can see the items inside and, thus, shop efficiently, without wasting food. Some models even suggest recipes considering the eating preferences of the household members, food sensitivities and even according to expiration dates.

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In addition to refrigerators, ovens have also become the spotlight. These new appliances turn off automatically when the dish is ready to be served, control temperature automatically depending on the food, and propose the appropriate cooking method for each plate. They can also be turned on and preheated remotely from a smartphone, and can be checked to be off when outside of the house.

Other smart appliances, like dishwashers and washing machines, connected to the Internet can be turned on and programmed easily from a phone, and started no matter where we are. The main operations are handled from the downloaded app. For example, hardness of water and amount of detergent can be adjusted. And a notification is sent once the cycle has finished.

The secret of the interaction


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The latest smart appliances in the market bet on interaction. These models have been technologically designed to connect among themselves, that is, to communicate. Fridges send recipe information to ovens via voice commands and, in turn, ovens interact with dishwashers to select the most efficient cycle depending on the prepared dish.


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This is another won battle for connected households, where not only appliances interact, but also the lighting system, the HVAC, and even our favorite music device. All this helps us enjoy a simplified household life of technological sophistication.

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