Latest trends in marble: beyond colours

Marble is, without any doubt, the trend for 2015. It has traditionally been seen as a prestigious and elegant material but is now becoming an essential material for all kinds of projects. It is being used more widely than just  in floor and wallcovering or structures such as staircases, and we now find it being used for exteriors, in kitchens, on walls , bathroom surfaces and also on furniture and for decoration.

The world of interior design is using this highly versatile material to create spaces with a truly unique personality thanks to the beauty of natural stone and the vast range of textures and colours which means that it can be combined with all kinds of materials.

This versatility and ability to be used to decorate any space is the leitmotif of Levantina’s new collection:  Marble Collection, Beyond Colors: a very special collection made up of marble from a wide palette of colours which offer as many design options as you can imagine. So we can choose between the elegant light colours of Argos and Travertino Vallanca, the intensely black and exotic Markhina or the striking Rojo Levantina. The collection is completed by the unmatched warmth of our yellow marbles, the exclusive Coto Gold and Spanish Gold.

The launch of the Marble Collection will also have its own campaign and you can see the different materials, how they are used  and Levantina’s exclusive promotions at

Do you want to see the first Natural Stone in this new collection? You will find it here.

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