Let’s stay on the kitchen island

Let’s stay on the kitchen island. If you made the decision to incorporate an island into your kitchen, congratulations! In addition to being fantastic to delight in cooking, around it, the day to day can become much more enjoyable and dynamic. Make it a meeting point where you can enjoy playful moments full of humor suitable for all audiences. In a word, don’t stay too far from it.


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A new operations center for the whole family

Around a kitchen island there can be countless activities. Make it something of an operations center from the day begins to the end for any member of the family. If you want, it can be much more than a highly functional isolated module in your kitchen due to its design and storage capacity.


Naturamia® Stacatto Kitchen island
Naturamia® Stacatto Kitchen island


It is most likely the largest work surface you have in your home, along with the dining room table. Why not make it profitable to organize other playful activities around it these days? It’s a matter of imagining and planning fun times for all members of the family. Although, a priori, children seem to be the quintessential candidates, it is also possible to devise plans for the oldest in the house. As for example to recover certain hobbies that we have somewhat forgotten. The objective? Live relaxed moments and, incidentally, promote communication among all without losing your smile.

Recipe contest with children

It is clear that when there are children at home we make special efforts in their leisure. Well, your kitchen island can become a perfect setting to develop a series of activities and encounters that they do not expect. They are simple tasks, suitable to carry out on your worktop with the usual maintenance care. But the surprise factor will play in your favor.


(Source: Servicolor)
(Source: Servicolor)


If they love to cook, set up a recipe contest, with awards ceremony included and your supervision. Suggest that they make their favorite dish and write the ingredients first. Maybe you have a chalkboard next to the kitchen island, or a mural covered in chalkboard paint.


(Fuente imagen: Yellow Octopus)
(Fuente imagen: Yellow Octopus)


Let them write it on it with all their creativity going. There are many utensils that can be used to work at ease on the counter of the kitchen island and that you will surely have. For example, some baking molds to make animal-shaped cookies, or a roll that you normally use for your pizzas if they want to make one. While they do their best to make their recipes and win the contest, it will be a lot of fun to improvise a few prizes or trophies.

Parcheesi afternoon and improvised gifts

Family games and crafts are also perfect to enjoy around your kitchen island. As simple as a game of Parcheesi or your favorite cards will be enough to spend time with them disconnected from everyday life. High stools to sit and play!


(Fuente imagen: Wearth London)
(Fuente imagen: Wearth London)


Making original gifts for family birthdays or just making up improvised celebrations are the most entertaining proposals that will surely have all the children’s support from the house. On the kitchen island we can display papers, cardboard, pencil boxes, boards … In short, any material that we are going to use working comfortably and having everything we need at our fingertips.

A plan for the elders

Our kitchen island can also be a great companion for the leisure of the elderly. Its dimensions make it very easy for us if we feel like going back to certain hobbies forgotten due to lack of time and space. Now that the television reality show Maestros de la Costura has revalued this lifelong profession, it is a fantastic time to sew again if we are really passionate about it.

Improvising a small sewing workshop on the island will allow us to work comfortably, spreading rolls of fabric, patterns, our collection of seamstresses on its surface … and even the sewing machine. It is the environment we were looking for and we will also benefit from the source of natural light in the kitchen.


(Fuente imagen: Ella James)
(Fuente imagen: Ella James)


Its countertops, made of natural stone or last generation, are the perfect materials, excellent allies when it comes to making hobbies of this type. Either gourmet activities related to the world of wine or cocktails because they are worlds that we love. We are in the perfect place in the house: our kitchen island will be the meeting point where you can have a fun virtual tasting with friends. It will be enough to choose which wines to try from our private cellar, decide the order of appearance, prepare the glasses that best serve for an appropriate tasting … And, finally, set an hour.

Essential allies: natural stone or last generation countertops

On a kitchen island, your countertop will always be our valuable ally for cooking in style or turning it into a versatile surface capable of facing other uses.

Specifically, how to choose the best countertop according to the style of your kitchen is key when thinking about materials and succeeding. Natural stones, like Naturamia® granites and quartzites, are a winning choice.


Techlam® Top Ferox kitchen island
Techlam® Top Ferox kitchen island


In addition to being seduced by the magnetic beauty of its shades, waters and veins, the high performance they offer are indisputable. Both granite and quartzite kitchen countertops will be for life, they will have the appearance of the first day without their colors losing intensity and beauty if they are properly maintained. They are materials with a high resistance, even at high kitchen temperatures, and they bring special treatment to make them surfaces with good impermeability.

The same applies to the latest generation porcelain countertops from the Techlam® Top range. If we choose one of its wonderful colours to cover the countertop of our kitchen island, we will turn it into a highly technological and professional piece given its long list of technical features.

Whatever the choice, with these materials your island will be that plus of high functionality and modernity that we seek in our kitchen. In tune with the aesthetic code that reigns in it: timeless, retro, or extremely contemporary.

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