Levantina captivates its audience at Marmomacc with “Origin”, a spectacular stand designed by Héctor Ruiz

Marmomacc is one of the most important events in the Natural Stone industry and Levantina has come back from this year’s show with the best recognition possible: The Best Communicator Design Award, the prize for the best designed stand awarded by Abitare il Tempo of the Verona Fair.

And it was certainly well deserved! Levantina’s design for this fair which brings together the most important companies in the world in the Natural Stone Sector was a spectacular and elegant design by Héctor Ruiz, the architect who also designed the reception area at this year’s Starlite Festival.

Héctor Ruíz succeeded in marrying the innate beauty of Natural Stone from Levantina’s extensive catalogue with decorative materials such as the tree sculptures by Takai Natural Sculptures, managing to integrate the bonsais masterfully in the space.

The outstanding feature was the space with the Lumbre fireplace where Héctor Ruíz created an atmosphere with a hearth area reminiscent of the classical Greek agora. In fact this place became a meeting point for visitors because of its warmth and the feeling of harmony which it produced. Other spaces also included materials which fitted perfectly with the environment they were used in, such as the Soler taps for the bathroom, or the Bedland bed in a mock-up of a bedroom with panels of different Natural Stones from the extensive Granite Collection. The Febal extractor hoods, with their cylindrical designs which fitted perfectly in the kitchen design with a Silvestre GT countertop.

Marmomacc 2015 was certainly one of the years which we have been most proud of, not only because of the  prestigious prize we won, which we are of course very proud of, but also because of Héctor Ruiz’s spectacular design and the excitement it created among the visitors to the Fair.

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