Levantina Group participe à Paysalia 2023 avec sa pierre Original Premium Tile exclusive

Levantina Group, entreprise espagnole leader dans le secteur de la pierre, présente sa pierre Original Premium Tile exclusive, qui convient aussi bien en intérieur qu'en extérieur, pour les sols, les revêtements et les façades et qui habille désormais des édifices de l’envergure de l'ambassade des États-Unis aux Philippines, le Moon Palace à Cancun, les Assemblées nationales du Vietnam et du Laos, le Café de Paris à Monaco ou la Trump ...

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L’essence méditerranéenne de la dalle Premium de Levantina Group, une tendance dans l’aménagement extérieur à Paysalia 2023.

L'essence méditerranéenne de la dalle Premium de Levantina Group, une tendance dans l'aménagement extérieur à Paysalia 2023. La présence de Levantina à Paysalia 2023, sur le stand SJ102, permettra à l’entreprise de présenter au client d'Europe centrale son savoir-faire et sa maîtrise totale de la chaîne d'approvisionnement, de la carrière au projet final.

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PRISCILLA LASMAR, Directora Comercial Levantina Group

Priscilla Lasmar, Levantina Brasil: “We are commited to be at the forefront with natural original stone products.”

Congratulations to PriscillaLasmar, Commercial Director of Levantina Brasil, and the whole Levantina Brazil team for the excellent work representing every day the company values: Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Team and Share, being innovation and know-how as its key factors. ? Priscilla Lasmar, Levantina Brasil: “Nos esforzamos por estar siempre a la vanguardia, con productos en piedra natural original” - Focus Piedra - Noticias sobre piedra natural y materiales de gran formato “We have modified ...

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fachada con ecourban

Levantina Group is committed to using green facades to absorb air pollution.

The company is committed to EcoUrban, a revolutionary treatment for natural and sintered stone surfaces with a self-cleaning, decontaminating and antibacterial capacity, activated by sunlight and humidity in the environment. This treatment breaks down polluting particles and makes the façade of a 5,000 m2 building purify the air in a way similar to a forest of 300 trees. Levantina Group will present EcoUrban for the first time at the new ...

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The Mediterranean Stone collection, a tribute to nature

Authentic, durable, noble, and sustainable, our new Mediterranean Stone marble and limestone selection is a genuine tribute to nature. This range of stones has a natural and sophisticated touch, and includes eight different hues to choose from: Crema Marfil Pearl, Crema Marfil Calima, Limestone Santorini, Limestone Izamal, Travertino Vallanca, Limestone Caramel, Limestone Atacama or Marble Caoba. This line comes mainly in warm shades inspired by the Mediterranean. They transform any space, giving ...

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Crema marfil marble: timelessness and elegance

Crema Marfil Coto® marble is recognised as one of the best cream marbles in the world. It is ideal for architecture and interior design projects because of its  refined hues and delicate natural veining. A jewel of nature selected at Levantina’s own quarry in Pinoso, Alicante. Its uniform veins, its soft palette that goes with everything, and its superior quality are a few of the reasons why this stone is among ...

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Levantina and Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology

BIMobject.com is a platform chosen by Levantina, where currently all building experts can find on it all our available materials. Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology has marked a before and an after in the creation of building projects, both for supply companies and product manufacturers, like architects and engineers.  The fact that all data and design process documents can be organised in a structured and highly detailed manner in the same file, ...

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Real-life stories from our female talent

Five real-life stories from five women that are part of our company from around the world, are the main characters of this video and where with it we would like to thank, as well as to give visibility, to the great work that our company´s female talent carry out. This is how, María José, Maitê, Astrea and Veronica talk about their experience at Levantina. They are a part of our ...

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