Levantina features in the latest trends in interior design at CasaDecor 2015

CasaDecor is one of the unmissable events in the world of European interior design and is essential for the professionals in interior design, decoration and accessories in the spaces which surround us.  We therefore recommend that you take a trip around all those exhibition spaces which feature Levantina products at this year’s event.

Levantina features in seven designs which are both eclectic and inspirational. Names as well-known as Rebeca Cano, Beatril Peral, Héctor Ruíz, Manuel Espejo, Julián Gallego, Claudio Salvarini, Marga Lantero, Inmaculada Recio and Bea Silveira have used their creative skills  to enhance the natural beauty of the raw materials supplied by Levantina.

Levantina’s granite has a starring role in Naturamia® countertops, a product which is long-lasting, elegant and sophisticated.  Manuel Espejo’s design in space seven is particularly interesting, integrating pure classical form perfectly with the black of Cheyenne granite in a kitchen island countertop.

One of this year’s trends is without doubt Carrara marble  and a space as up to date and influential as CasaDecor could not fail to exhibit this material which is both elegant and timeless. Julián Gallego perfectly combines blanco Carrara in shades of green and pistachio to create a simple and elegant bathroom located in space 12. Inmaculada Recio’s design for an Aristea marble table in similar colours is a perfect place for reading and having coffee.

Claudio Salvarini and Marga Lantero ‘s design is more colourful and they make use of the aged colours of Warwick Rubí granite in a functional and elegant kitchen situated in spaces 18-19. Geometric shapes take centre stage in space 4 in a design by Rebeca Cano and Beatriz Peral where a Marrón Emperador marble fireplace combines elements reminiscent of art deco and 70s freestyle.

The porcelain Techlam®, whose technical and aesthetic qualities make it extremely versatile, was also on show at CasaDecor. This versatility led to Héctor Ruíz  using it in his design for the exhibition entrance hall which has a futuristic aesthetic which transports us straight to the world of Kubrik’s mythical film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

We make our final stop at space 38 where Beatriz Silveira from Batik Interiores use Tasman White in a marble table and Aristea in a countertop in an elegant retro living room with some unusual elements, such as chairs in an avant-guard style which go perfectly with the parquet floor.

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