Levantina presents the new designs of its star porcelain , TECHLAM® at Cersaie 2015

We are back again at Cersaie 2015one of the most important trade fairs in the ceramic and porcelain industry which brings together exhibits which best represent current trends  in the sector. This time we have brought four important new designs of Techlam®, our thin, large-format star porcelain, and present them to the visitor in Elements, a highly original Gastro Bar specially designed for this occasion using the new designs, which is based on the theme of the best of gastronomy.

This new collection includes new colours and textures which are inspired by quality materials from nature and in which we wanted to showcase the perfection and purity of the shapes found there, giving the materials colours and nuances never seen before.

One of the stand out new products is Magma, a marble-coloured product which is part of the Stone Collection. Magma’s flame colours give it a sophisticated feel and are inspired by the Italian stone Portoro, which has a black background and gold veining. This gives the new porcelain an air of exclusiveness and elegance with high aesthetic qualities which go perfectly in any space where distinctiveness is the most important consideration.

Another important new product is the Strattos Collection whose veins and grooves make it look and feel like cement which has been levelled. This material is ideal for giving an industrial feel to spaces when you want a contemporary, functional look.  Strattos is sold in a natural or bushhammered finish.

On the other hand, Steel Collection a new white product, inspired by steel, has been added to the Steel Collection, the porcelain from TECHLAM®: Steel White. Steel White is sober and austere while still remaining elegant; it is lighter in colour and also very much on trend now for interiors. The Steel Collection closely resembles aged steel and has a post-industrial aesthetic very much in tune with the era of new technologies.

Village, another new design for Cersaie 2015, is warmer in colour. Village is a spectacular pastiche of woods which creates a very natural contrast and has astonishingly realistic touches, even including holes and knots found in wooden constructions. Village, one of the designs in the Deco Collection Deco Collection , has a retro feel which transports us to the countryside and is a warm material which goes well with many other materials depending on the styles wanted Deco Collection .

We come back to Cersaie feeling that we have managed to convey Levantina’s fundamental values through Techlam® and which also include innovation and research. Next year we will definitely be back with new designs.

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