Levantina provides a Spanish touch at the Vitoria Stone Fair

When we talk about Brazil we imagine its spectacular beaches, the rhythm of the Bossa Nova, the explosion of colour at Carnival. But this enormous and beautiful country is much more than just this, and in the interior there are true hidden treasures such as the exotic granites in our latest Natural Stone collection, Granite Brazil.

We at Levantina wanted to take advantage of this 38th Victoria Stone Fair which was held recently in Vitória (Brasil), to present our most recent new products at this unbeatable event which is only a few minutes from our own facilities in the hearts of the Serra mountains. One of the biggest stars this year was Lennon, an elegant and exclusive granite extracted from one of our own quarries in Goiás state. Alongside, with its own attraction, Cheyenne, an extraordinarily beautiful new material with characteristic black and white veins, which is perfect for kitchens and the surrounding areas.

Of course many other products from our news series of exotic granites were on display during the fair, such as Palomino, Ice White, Delicatus or Normandy; there was also a wide selection of quartzes which were recently launched on the market, such as Perla Venata, Victoria Falls,  Ice Flake and Amarula.

And as the occasion was worth it in our opinion we wanted to make this 38th Vitoria Stone Fair a very special experience, so we invited our international clients to visit our nearby facilities and showroom and gave them a different and totally exclusive buying experience. Ah! And we had a lovely surprisefor all those who came to our facilities: A party, the Spanish Day & Brazilian Day with live music and typical food from Spain and Brazil.

You’re starting to feel like going there, aren’t you? Until the next edition!

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