Levantina remains at the forefront with its new collection of marbles

Levantina expands its marble collection with new materials that respond to decorating trends where Natural Stone takes center stage. White, gray and black marbles reign in new spaces that breathe balance and possess a subtle movement that lives in the details of these organic materials.

One of the new marbles is Bianco Giulia, which adds innovation to Levantina’s range with its gray shadows on a pur arctic white. The white marble is a sophisticated choice that provides serenity, purity and luxury to the decor. Although it might seem neutral, white marble hides an interesting narrative in its silhouettes. This material is ideal for minimalist spaces that allow to highlight its splendor.

Along with this white marble comes a couple of grays rich in personality. Mirage is a dark gray marble traversed with black branched veins. This marble evokes the landscape of a night forest inhabited by trees. Mirage has the ability to bring glamour to modern decorating spaces.

Wild Mirage is a wild burst of colour and audacity designed by nature. This gray marble features a combination of gold, white and black veins that accentuate its character. Wild Mirage is a perfect material to capture the attention of any space where is featured.

Likewise, the elegance of black marble revives with singular expressions in Devonian Royal and Devonian Black. Royal Black possesses a colour of infinite deep furrowed with white veins. This contrast gives it a quality of nobility, and makes flashes of light shine on its surface. Meanwhile, Black Devonian hosts fossils of ancestral beings that perpetuate their existence in the exquisite shapes drawn on this black marble.

Accompanying the white, gray and black, Brecha, a light brown marble, stands out with its game of honey-toned veins interspersed with darker ones. This combination creates an organic feeling in the space, which matches with other natural elements such as wood and metals.

Levatina’s latest marble collection combines perfectly with the latest decorating trends in which the Natural Stone invades new areas and corners. The latest designs propose marble as a recurring guest and dare to cover any surface with this statement of formality and good taste.

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