Levantina was at Petite Fashion Week where the young chefs from MasterChef Junior showed off their skills

The Petite Fashion Week has become a leading event in children’s fashion in the capital of Spain and also features a wide range of activities for young and old. That is why Levantine did not want to miss the opportunity to be present at this year’s event which was held 16th-18th of October in the Galería de Cristal of the Madrid Town Hall.

The event which was organised by Charadas.com included a very special activity aimed at the children: it featured the winners and finalists from Master Chef Junior, including two of the most recent winners, Mario, the  winner of MasterChef 2013 and Manuel, the  2014 winner.

All the young chefs made their creations on a countertop of the exclusive quartzite, Perla Venata, from our Granite Collection®. On this occasion the countertop had a special feature: the front looked like a chocolate bar which fitted in well with the youthful atmosphere which reigned over the whole weekend.

The Granite Collection® has a wide range of granites coming from countries as exotic as India, Brazil and Angola and once they have been processed and treated, become exclusive countertops with excellent qualities for use in the kitchen. That is why we wanted the young chefs to work on the best surface possible so as to be able to delight us with their precocious skills.

It was certainly an event which we will not forget quickly and it made us feel very proud and satisfied.

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