Levantina Welcomes the Press at Casa Decor 2016

To make its promotional space known and the different collaborations carried out with interior designers, Levantina welcomed 24th May a large group of journalists from the specialized media: decoration, interiors, trends, lifestyle and architecture.

This is the most anticipated event of the year for decoration and interior design lovers, and it is the perfect scenario to introduce the latest trends in the industry. Levantina shows a strong commitment with Casa Decor and it becomes one of its protagonists for yet another year.

To make its promotional space known and the different collaborations carried out with interior designers, Levantina welcomed 24th May a large group of journalists from the specialized media: decoration, interiors, trends, lifestyle and architecture.

These professionals had the opportunity to visit, as part of a guided tour, all the spots in Casa Decor which contain Levantina materials. The first stop was at the lobby of Casa Decor, where interior designer Manuel Espejo revealed his passion for natural stone and especially Lennon Gold granite from the Naturamia® Collection. Two impressive counters have been manufactured with it to recreate the lobby of a luxury hotel.

Natural stone collage and unique fireplaces

The next spot to discover was created by interior designers Alfons Tost and Damián Sánchez, who have created a loft to die for, for the current coolest fashion blogger. They have dared to play with large pieces of Levantina’s natural stone such as Travertino Vallanca, Verde Indio, Stromboli, Cheyenne o Rain Forest to become large decorative collages and unforgettable fireplaces.

Another fireplace which will not leave you indifferent is the one created by interior designer Miguel Muñoz. It is located in a warm walk-in closet at Casa Decor and our granite Amarula de Naturamia® Collection was selected for it. There is another compulsory stop in this review of the most attractive trends materialized by Levantina’s materials: the space designed by As Interioristas, headed by a majestic black Canfranc marble fireplace.

Inspiring kitchens

Levantina’s world tour at Casa Decor 2016 continued in the space of Línea 3 Cocinas, where designer Steven Littlehales highlighted the traditional character in the treatment of Naturamia® Collection’s countertops, such as the one made with Perla Venata quartzite present in this space. It also showed more utilities for kitchen countertops from the Caesarstone@ range distributed in Spain only by Levantina.

Two further designs caught the attention of the press: a proposal by Murelli and another one by Deulonder. Both used Levantina’s marble to create spaces full of life and inspiration. Murelli bets on romanticism and the plant world, whereas Deulonder would prefer the American style of open, spacious and cozy kitchens.

Sophisticated spaces for relaxation

Designer Virginia Albuja welcomed the press called by Levantina in the magazine YoDona’s space, where she surprised with an evocative bar of Stromboli granite and a relaxing corner where plants, water and porcelain Strattos by Techlam® create a combination inspired by feng shui.

Levantina has always sought to support young talents, and that was performed some years ago when they accompanied Beatriz Silveira in her first appearance at Casa Decor. In this edition Beatriz enjoys a more than deserved prestige, and she continues to focus on Levantina natural stone in a fireplace executed with a really impressive run of Nereid Moon white marble, which fills the room with a feeling of warmth and well-being.

An architectural vision

The end of the visit was defined by a more architectural vision, a discipline in which Levantina has always been. On the one hand, Andrés Alfaro from Fran Silvestre Arquitectos de Valencia’s studios describe in detail the corporative space they had created for Levantina at Casa Decor, called Space Contrast: a surprising combination of light, Canfranc black marble and Nereid Moon White marble, which captured all eyes of visitors at Casa Decor.

Another architect, Héctor Ruiz-Velázquez, added the final touch to the visit in the garden courtyard at Casa Decor, where he had installed a promotional space for the company Ford with a floor covered by our ceramic products Techlam®.

There still remained a space with the presence of Levantina to be discovered at Casa Decor 2016, but one must arrive incognito… it is the clandestine bar of this palace, designed by Batabasta and with our natural stone in the original cocktail bar. Do you dare to look for it?

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