Modern wall cladding: new décor alliances

Interior design and home décor have found a new way of creating rich spaces. With modern wall cladding, we can create surfaces full of optical sensations and inspirational images. These materials go beyond their functional mission and bring about a new way of looking at walls and ceilings. They are like enveloping skins that can be used on their own or blended stylishly.


Image source: Casa Decor 2019 / Office-Lounge Space at the Embassy of Portugal. Erico Navazo

Innovative dialog


Image source: Levantina


Current wall claddings create a dialog in the rooms they inhabit. They conquer unusual surfaces, and bring life in the form of rich color and texture combinations inviting touch. With them, contemporary homes have found new aesthetical horizons in decoration. Interior designers and decorators openly use wall cladding in their projects and it becomes a highlight, with the mission of finding innovative places for it.

Wallpaper with embossed textures in subtle metal nuances works together with light woods and traditional-effect paint. Designed with realist and natural motifs, these modern wall claddings are not just a discovery in lounges and bedrooms. These claddings are also admired in high ceilings, to bring them back to life, transforming them into subtle landscapes that pay homage to nature.

Regardless of its decorative virtues, wall cladding is an efficient resource to create perspective and increase the feeling of distance, as well as to create a very interesting surreal volume. In conjunction, geometric patterns play a big role in the optical illusions of walls and partitions.

At the same time, paint becomes more artistic thanks to products with textures that fill the surfaces with life and light, making use of their relief.


Image source: Villa Nova

Natural or cutting edge

Image source: Levantina


Within modern wall cladding, natural stone is a whole different universe which brings its evocative elegance to contemporary environments. This material turns up in different household interiors and becomes ultracompact surfaces that exude clean authenticity. Beautiful canvases in neutral tones or very expressive intense and sophisticated tones that pair with current materials and finishings. From marble and granite pieces, ideal for very modern bathroom murals, to large-format slate and porcelain elements that clad walls anywhere in the house without the need for construction.

Image source: Levantina

Lastly, 3D decorative panels are wonderful options to add textures and depth to interior walls and partitions. They bring about an unknown dynamism and transform transit areas and sitting rooms into unique locations. Modern wall claddings take over the home with a captivating and timeless language.

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