Natural Stone and pools, Summer elegance

Decorative and functional possibilities of Natural Stone in outer façades of houses, hotels and any type of building are endless. It is almost unavoidable, during these Summer months, not to think in attractive exteriors such as an area with a pool, solarium and garden areas.

Precisely for these exteriors there are top quality solutions based on Natural Stone, which combines aesthetics and other properties such as resistance to weather (phenomena).

An example of natural stone for cladding around the pools are limestones and sandstones.They are sedimentary rocks, with an interesting chromatic variety (white, cream, yellow, pink and gray) which provide a very practical quality: they have excellent anti-slip properties.

An example of application of limestone and sandstone is found in Altea Hills, in the province of Alicante (Valencian Community), with perfect finishes and an elegant chromatic combination between this Natural Stone, the blue of the pool and the Mediterranean coast atmosphere. At Altea Hills the chosen materials were Niwala Cream and Capri limestone. This second material is also present in a wonderful house in the island of Ibiza, where Niwala Rosa (pink) was the Natural Stone selected for the pool area.

Another possibility is to use a type of Natural Stone loaded with history and which, to a certain extent, takes us to Ancient Rome. These are the travertines, ornamental pieces per se and with immense resilience over time. In this project of a private home in Zaragoza (Aragón) the result of combining the clasicism from the travertines with a modern architectural design is perfect. And the pool? A little gem.

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