Natural Stone is used on the Alicante Explanada

Built at the beginning of the 20th Century on the old Alicante dock, the Explanada de España, familiarly known as the Paseo de la Explanada, is one of the best known places in the city linked from time immemorial with the Mediterranean Sea. So renovating the lateral transit route of this historic avenue meant restoring the luminosity of a true hallmark for Alicante people where, finally, Levantina Natural Stone was the material chosen to carry out this project.

Coto –Ocre marble was used for this ambitious project to renovate the Paseo de la Explanada, a material which is extracted from Levantina’s own quarries situated very close to the city. Thanks to the special processes carried out after extraction, the Natural Stone retains all its beauty, and fulfils the safety and durability requirements for exterior paving.

This balance between its natural origin and the careful treatment it receives makes it fit in perfectly with its environment, giving the multi-coloured tiles which form the backbone of this promenade along the seafront a new feeling of light. So, more than 3,000 m2 of this exclusive marble are now part of the everyday cityscape of Alicante, accompanying locals and business people along the half a kilometre the Paseo de la Explanada covers between Puerta del Mar y el Parque Canalejas.

Renovating, but preserving the essence of the place. A project designed to last, but also to maintain the characteristic luminosity of one of Spain’s best known areas.

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