Naturamia®, a range of colours and easy to look after

Imagine the following situation: it is Saturday night and you are giving a dinner for your friends. Someone asks for a glass of wine and when pouring it you spill a little and fear the worst: a stain on your brand new worktop. What to do? It is simple: if you have a Levantina Naturamia® countertop then you have nothing to worry about.

One of the most attractive features of Naturamia® is that it is so easy to look after. Our Natural Stone countertops are carefully chosen for their beautiful look and also for their qualities which are improved on by the exclusive anti-stain protection finish which makes them resistant to any type of stain. It also has anti-bacterial properties which make your kitchen a safe place to cook.

Here are a few useful tips to make your countertop last longer:

Wipe the countertop every day with washing up liquid on a damp cloth. This will revive the colour and make it more beautiful for longer.

If you get oil or fat or any other chemical substance on it, it is very important to clean the area affected immediately with a cloth dampened in hot water and a little washing up liquid. It is important to do this before the stain dries into the countertop.

All Naturamia® countertops have anti-bacterial properties which stop bacteria spreading. We do not advise using any chemical products as they may affect these properties.

Levantina offers a 10-year guarantee on all its countertops. You can now also activate this guarantee by filling in a form online at:

Finally, if you have any questions about how to look after your Naturamia® countertop you can contact the official Customer service through our webpage

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