PRISCILLA LASMAR, Directora Comercial Levantina Group

Priscilla Lasmar, Levantina Brasil: “We are commited to be at the forefront with natural original stone products.”

Congratulations to PriscillaLasmar, Commercial Director of Levantina Brasil, and the whole Levantina Brazil team for the excellent work representing every day the company values: Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Team and Share, being innovation and know-how as its key factors.

? Priscilla Lasmar, Levantina Brasil: “Nos esforzamos por estar siempre a la vanguardia, con productos en piedra natural original” – Focus Piedra – Noticias sobre piedra natural y materiales de gran formato

“We have modified our strategy to expand our products range” Levantina Group in its focus on the vanguard of the original stone and new trends, with high added value materials well-knowns for its resistance, durability and unique designs.  As well as a commitment for sustainability and R&D relevant to our customers and employees.

Our continuous effort for innovation and sustainability let us ensure the continuity of our products to our customers, for example our Lennon quarry has kept monthly its high-quality production over a decade.

Publication and image ? Focus Piedra

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