Hotel renovations with Techlam® porcelain

In addition to good service and location, hotels stand out for their striking room designs and communal spaces, such as the reception or pool areas. The choice of style must be in line with the hotel’s essence and be reflected in every corner.

Decor and furnishings may often change, but floors, walls, and other structural elements may not, as these would involve major alterations and costs. That is why it is important to use high-quality materials that can give every room the prominence they each deserve.

In hotel renovation projects any decision in terms of materials comes down to practicality, durability, and design, as they are intended to be long lasting. Because of its high technical qualities and different finishes that work easily with every design, porcelain is a great flooring and facade cladding option for hotels. It is a suitable material for various areas, from facades and kitchens to restaurants, bedrooms, terraces, and even pool and spa areas.

Techlam® is one of Levantina’s most versatile materials, and that is why it is a favourite solution among building professionals, who know how multi-functional and useful it is for all kinds of projects. We will now discuss the features and applications of this porcelain and explain why it is perfect for both major renovations and small upgrades.

Renovating without closing to the public is possible with Techlam®

Environmental conditions and continued use mean that constant upkeep is needed in hotels, as flooring and façade cladding can easily deteriorate.

To ensure hotel facilities are always spotless, quick, and effective solutions are needed—more particularly, solutions that won’t require closing the premises while building works are ongoing. This is key if business is to continue as usual.

Techlam® porcelains make this possible for several reasons:

  • Sheets are thin (3mm; they also come in 5mm for flooring for high-traffic areas), so they can be applied directly on any surface without messy removals, rubble, or noise
  • Sheets are of large format (panels of up to 1 x 3 meters), so they can be installed quickly and look aesthetic.
  • Techlam® porcelain sheets are light. At 7.1 kg/sqm, therefore they can be easily installed. It won’t take renovation teams too much time to install each one.

Thanks to this porcelain´s features, and if the renovation is carried out, there will be no need to fully close, as building works may be conveniently scheduled by rooms or areas.

Hotel pools renovated with Techlam® porcelain

This highly resistant material is an ideal choice for renovating outdoor areas and pools. Its lightweight and large-format sheets help to minimize joints and create a feeling of continuity. The result is a space where porcelain blends in with the surroundings.

As it´s waterproof, scratch, fire and heat resistant, it makes it the perfect material for renovating pools and communal outdoor areas in hotels. It is also highly hygienic and has been treated to prevent the growth of mildew and bacteria, which is key for damp areas.

Techlam® Strattos tiles were used in the pool of Hotel Caserio Gran Canaria.

Communal hotel areas renovated with Techlam®

Techlam® is a good solution for renovating communal hotel areas where foot traffic is high, as it is resistant to erosion and stains. With an absorption rate close to zero and easy to clean, lobbies will always look perfect.

Techlam® Kalos Bianco and Slate Ebony tiles were used in the reception area of Hotel Tryp Alicante.

Hotel facades with Techlam® porcelain

Luxury hotels choose Techlam® as it allows to create very versatile exterior design styles, because, when needed, this material makes it easy to renovate exterior appearances.

With UV protection, Techlam® is an excellent material for large surfaces, such as exterior and interior facades. As a result, its colour and texture remain unaltered over time. It is also highly resistant to adverse weather conditions, thanks to its waterproof qualities.

Techlam® Basic Black tiles were used in the exterior facade of Hotel Maître, in Brussels.
Techlam® Strattos tiles were used in the interior facade of Parador de León.

Room and bathroom renovations with Techlam® porcelain

With its many colours and finishes, this material can be used in bathrooms and on walls and floors. It blends in smoothly with any room style, helping to emphasize the hotel’s essence, which is the comfort of its rooms and the wellbeing of its guests.

Techlam® Strattos tiles were used in the headboard wall of Parador de León.
Techlam® Strattos tiles were used in the bathroom of Parador de León.

Techlam®, a green and eco-friendly material

Techlam® is 100% natural. It does not release any harmful substances and can be easily recycled into manufacturing aggregates and similar materials. It is environmentally friendly, perfect for hotel renovations, and helps reduce carbon footprint.

If you have any questions about the technical features of our Techlam® products, you can read more about them here. Also, if you are thinking about carrying out a renovation project, we invite you to contact our professional team , who will be more than happy to assist you.

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