Specialisation in cutting specialist designs: Levantina’s added value

Levantina is a company which stands out because of its ability to carry out all kinds of  Natural Stone work, including highly specialised work.  On occasions the exactness of particular shapes required in some designs makes it necessary to use extremely accurate specialised tools. Levantine has very accurate CNC machines to carry out these projects.

The CNC machine is vital in the production process in the Levantina workshop because it makes it possible to produce very specific designs. It works using an automation system which enables the machine to produce the designs using a series of coordinates which control the movements of the cutting tool. The system controls the movement of the machine based on axes entered in a sophisticated piece of software.

Levantina’s design department used to produce designs in drawing and modelling programs in two and three dimensions The coordinates of these designs are entered in the software which the CNC machine then “reads”. This allows the machine to create any shape necessary for a specific project.

Speed, precision, accuracy, mechanization of complex designs, a wide range of uses, simplicity of operation and higher productivity are just some of the many advantages which we offer to our clients via the CNC machine and with which Levantina is able to produce true works of art in Natural Stone.

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