State-of-the-art technology at home: a cult of well-being

State-of-the-art technology at home, or as it is commonly called, the “IoT”, no longer only activates heating and lights, it allows you to turn on appliances without being in it or enjoy virtual butlers. Artificial intelligence has entered fully and the gagdets of the future propose the never seen before: favor our comfort in the home, increase recycling, discover new stimuli or watch over the health of the members of a home.


Lounges with artificial intelligence

Contemporary homes are getting smarter in large part due to the innovative technological proposals that have been incorporated into their interiors in recent times. A whole revolution that continues to conquer other chapters of the domestic day-to-day in search of an unknown well-being for those who inhabit them. Although it sounds like science fiction, artificial intelligence is increasingly gaining ground in the world of next-generation technology at home. Thanks to this, televisions have ceased to be what they were.


Image Source: LG
Image Source: LG

The most sophisticated models use this intelligence to transform into minimalist panels where user interaction is complete. In them a dialogue through the voice makes it possible to receive suggestions about their contents, and at the same time improve and modulate the sound to enjoy more serene and healthy moments of leisure. It is a reality that televisions are experiencing a technological boom to revalue their presence in homes converted into authentic objects of worship.


(Image source: Panasonic)
(Image source: Panasonic)

This is demonstrated by the designs conceived to become unique elements of contemporary salons and interiors. These devices when they are turned off are pictorial works through their Art Mode, which allows you to choose from a wide catalog, and even expand it by purchasing new paintings. But the last of the latest in televisions consists of an absolute mimicry in the environments where they are installed, playing to completely camouflage them when they are not in operation. An almost magical end result thanks to sophisticated software in your system


IoT kitchens and more efficiency in recycling.

Today’s kitchens can already be equipped with smart lights that respond to voice commands, with remotely programmable appliances from a mobile terminal or with automatic motors that at the order of their owner raise and lower shelves or make cabinets and cupboards hidden and appear inside modern high-performance natural stone or porcelain countertops such as those of Techlam® Top and Naturamia®. In these kitchens, food composting has also become a reality. A fact that requires innovative solutions to practice it effectively without altering the functionality of these spaces that are the heart of the home. The latest generation home technology has also reached this chapter. The alliance between the design and the research of prestigious electrical appliance companies through their incubators is bearing fantastic results in this direction.


Design kitchen with island Naturamia® Alaska
Design kitchen with island Naturamia® Alaska

As the fact of being able to count in the future on the kitchen with a portable electric composter to recycle organic food and turn it into fertilizer in record time. Instead of six to eight months, the usual duration of a compost process, just 24 hours. A solution for residential use suitable to fit in these spaces of contemporary homes. Its landing in the market will be a success.


What is to come

Generate more healthy lifestyle habits through small household appliances that will know what our needs will be in the immediate future. Smart devices designed to improve the quality of our food, skin health, relieve our stress … In this direction goes the conceptual collection of Balance of Being products, a family of mold gagdets for the home. Conceived by Panasonic in collaboration with the Layer studio, it explores the potential of emerging technologies to offer realistic designs that enhance our lifestyle and personal care. Some of these products are beaters that prepare fully customized fresh fruit and vegetable juices, after analyzing the skin of the person who is going to taste the smoothie. Others consist of kitchen containers with integrated sensors to prepare food reaching its maximum nutritional level.


Image source: Panasonic
Image source: Panasonic


And he doesn’t go anymore. There are also discreet objects that promote healthier hair growth through LED light treatments. Or they offer a self-care plan for the person just by examining their skin. And even head massages through devices that will make a simple scan to evaluate and offer the most optimal treatment in frequency, method and intensity. A revolutionary concept of well-being is possible when the most advanced technology breaks into the domestic world.

(Header picture: Samsung)

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