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Succeed at the table with a modern plating

It is no longer ENOUGH PREPARING very elaborate menus for guests at THE celebrations of today's homes. NOW THAT SPECIAL DATES ARE GETTING CLOSE, PAY ATTENTION, A modern PLATING will be decisive for the SUCCESS OF ANY celebration. BE ORIGINAL THANKS TO CAREFULLY DESIGNED PLATES, WORK WITH the subtlety of tones and textures displayed.   A learning lesson The visual appeal that a modern plating produces is powerful and has a lot to ...

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How to enjoy a perfect brunch at home

This English food practice is a great hit at home. Getting together around the table, eating calmly in an informal setting is a sure success. It is a time to enjoy wonderful food without a rush. More and more, people organize the perfect brunch at home and invite their friends. Fun and relaxing, a delicious plan for home-made weekends.   Breakfast + lunch = brunch     Originated in England in the late 19th century ...

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