TECHLAM by Levantina made history in Brazil 2014 World Cup

Achieving a symbiosis between the purity of architectural forms and the environment while ­at the same time creating a functional design in a space which will stand the test of time is one of the greatest challenges facing any architect. Beyond purely aesthetic conventions, guaranteeing both practicality and functionality is certainly not an easy task and that is why we at Levantina have for years been providing  technical solutions to create exceptional spaces.

That is the reason why Techlam® by Levantina was the material chosen to create one of the most iconic stadiums constructed recently: the Arena Corinthians, the Sao Paulo stadium which hosted the opening ceremony of the 2014 World Cup.

Levantina is known for its ability to manage large-scale projects and the Arena Corinthians Stadium is one of the last exceptional projects which TECHLAM® was involved in. Others include the Hotel Hilton Times Square in NYC (U.S.), the Seocho and Hyehwa (South Korea) Underground stations, the Rendezvous Hotel in Perth (Australia), or Frankfurt (Germany), to name just a few.

A building was designed for this project which was characterised by right angles and covered with more than 12,000 m2 of Techlam® in 1×3 meter tiles with a thickness of 5 mm and each one weighing 11.87 kg manufactured entirely in Levantina’s facilities in Novelda (Alicante).

The stadium, which is able to hold more than 48,000 spectators, was constructed according to sustainable design standards as Techlam® has been awarded the Greenguard certificate which certifies that it is a product appropriate for use in environmentally friendly  environments.

It is also highly resistant to possible bad weather conditions, sudden changes in temperatures and severe climatic conditions. It therefore guarantees a very long product lifecycle and, when installed correctly, can even last for a lifetime.

Once the Techlam® tiles were installed on the exterior of the stadium the finished result was  an exceptional area with pure lines where the light coloured porcelain Techlam® gives it an ultra-modern image open to the horizon of Itaquera, the area of Sao Paolo where the Arena Corinthians is located. Here are  some pictures so that you can appreciate the beauty of Techlam® used at its best.

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