TECHLAM® is inspired by Burmese tradition when presenting its latest products

We would like to use the idea of Burmese exoticism, which evokes pictures of an ancient splendour, exotic places and pagodas with a beauty frozen in time, to tell our followers about the new collections, Techlam Steel White, Wood Aspen and Techlam Stone. We find inspiration in the Ma Khin Café, the extraordinary restaurant of the renowned chef Steve Anderson, located in Valencia, which has made extensive use of Techlam.

Steve Anderson is one of the first chefs to pioneer fusion cooking in Valencia with projects as personal as Seu Xerea, a restaurant which won him a Michelin star. Anderson is now offering a menu at the Ma Khin Café which takes inspiration from his Burmese roots. It is no coincidence that his great grandmother was called Ma Khin.

With the background of the Burmese jungle and the famous film Bridge over the River Kwai we bring together a large group of renowned bloggers and specialist media from all over Spain who want to share an enjoyable day with us.  The event was also attended by Laura Alandes, the Valencia interior designer now based in New York, who was responsible for the interior design of the Ma Khin café.

Laura’s design is characterised by pure lines and a fusion style with a markedly Asian inspiration in which she has used various different Techlam materials as highly functional elements. Techlam is an extremely versatile material which can be used both inside and outside.

The new collection, Techlam Stone, was also presented at the event. This is a bold move to extend the catalogue with six different models which closely resemble natural stone: Kalos Bianco, Agatha Bianco, Agatha Caramel, Graphite Stone, Travertino Dune and Travertino Tivoli.

The day started impressively: a display of show cooking by Steve Anderson where he explained how he made one of his star dishes, Khao Sai soup, which we then had the honour of trying together with other traditional Burmese delicacies.

After we finished eating Steve spoiled us with some wonderful Burmese style Gin Fizzes,  a Gin Fizz with a bit of extra spice to give it an Asian touch. With a Gin Fizz in our hands, the moment came to carry out the draw for the weekend for two in the Asia Gardens Resort in Benidorm, courtesy of Grupo Levantina. The lucky winner was Noemí Rubio Pérez. Congratulations to her!

There’s no better way to spend an evening than enjoying yourself with friends and also finding  out at first hand about the new products from Techlam.

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