New Collection Techlam

Techlam launches its new collection with 7 colours that are a truly spectacular sigh

Techlam Top also introduces Crystallo. An incredible porcelain with a polished and glossy design

Techlam, Levantina´s porcelain brand, launches its new collection that is made up of 7 surprising and spectacular colours that are part of the Stone and Wood Collections.

The expressiveness and magnetism of the new shades captivate at first sight. The new additions to the Stone Collection reflect colours that are more current and opposites: from the elegance of the whites to the richness of the blacks, the game of visual senses is expressed on each design. The new colours from the Wood Collection reflect the beauty of vintage wood, with that nostalgia that leaves that washed-out effect.

We would like to therefore take you on a small journey through these new colours and their features:

Sahara Noir: majestic and magnetic

“A porcelain that captivates”:  this is how we define Sahara Noir, where its technical features standout due to its fine thickness (3mm or 5mm). However, the aesthetics of this state-of-the-art porcelain challenges architects and interior designers. The vertical gold and silver lines give an artistic distinction to this very versatile cladding that comes without the glossy finishing touch and therefore makes it the synonym of natural elegance. The perfect design for our home.

Sahara Blanche: pure expressiveness 

The game of visual sensations that Techlam´s Sahara Blanche takes is through is unique in every way: this contemporary material models current interior and exterior spaces, generating bright and unfinished beauty. In its technical features we can find various sizes that are perfect for cladding. With Sahara Blanche, floors and walls aesthetically become the centre of attention.

Travertino Vecchio: delicate inspiration

Full of evocative chromatic shades, Travertino Vecchio opens a world of aesthetic possibilities, providing interior and exterior atmospheres packed with sensuality. Its adaptable pieces with countless sizes (that are up to 3m x1m) create, due to the naturalness of its texture, murals with soft movements and that are highly tactile, therefore making it the perfect material for both distinctive modern spaces as well as harmonising it with other materials and chromatic colour pallets.

Antique Ash: provocative poetry 

This porcelain brings back vintage woods that are washed-out and have prints that time leaves on them. But, translated into today´s language, with a chromatic proposal that keeps on conquering and with its own individual features it equals a mixture of intense and sensual greys. Fire and scratch resistant, and waterproof, and where contemporary atmospheres are ennobled and have that infinitive space effect, but at the same time are surrounded by the warmth that the porcelain releases.

Mystic White: seductive elegance 

The aesthetic virtues of the whites are infinitive, as proven by Mystic White: this design reinterprets the timeless beauty of natural stones and proposes to the architecture and designer world very decorative and seductive spaces that are equipped with great visual freedom. Mystic White has been born to leave its print on floors and interior and exterior walls with a pioneering vocation and a firm commitment to its technological features.

Jasper Black: distinguished scenography

Jasper Black is a bold proposal for architects and interior designers that have more innovative projects. A state-of-the-art porcelain cladding that is prepared to create extremely stylish surfaces with an undeniable aesthetic intensity, like ennobled surfaces decorated in sensual black and velvety to the touch, due to its natural design. It is presented in large format pieces (3m x 1m) that ask for their place of honour in minimalist atmospheres with an industrial hallmark or with a contemporary style.

Antique Aspen: harmonic beauty

Antique Aspen has the quality to create an emotional and harmonic atmosphere, taking us to a natural landscape where the essence of light wood sources is preserved and where its veins are recreated. This cladding with high technical features reinforces its versatility due to the formats it is presented in (3m x 1m), allowing us, thanks to its natural beauty, to transform both interior as well as exterior spaces filled with charm. 

Techlam Top´s novelty: Crystallo

As well as the launch of these 7 new colours in Techlam, Techlam Top also incorporates a new inspiration: Crystallo, a porcelain that reminisces the delicate appearance of marble.

This state-of-the art porcelain ennobles the naturalness of sophistication: timeless design, delicate veins, seductive whiteness, and visual simplicity that will woo architects and interior designers that take a chance on minimalist spaces. Its variety in formats, that reach up to 3m x 1m, allow a visual game of a polished effect that will transform both interior as well as exterior spaces.

Techlam Top´s Crystallo is available in two designs: natural, with the matt beauty of the colour white, and polished, with an intense glossy mirror effect.

Techlam and Techlam Top´s novelties are already available for enquiries on Levantina´s website.

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