Techlam Stone Collection by Levantina: a fusion of nature and technology

Only those who are prepared to take risks are  capable of innovating.

After reproducing the complex textures of different kinds of wood and steel, TECHLAM by Levantina is presenting a new collection in which it manages to emulate the beauty of Natural stone, combining its characteristics with the advantages of the best porcelain tiles in a revolutionary new product launch: Stone Collection

The Stone Collection is a unique range of products, inspired by the exclusivity of the best marbles, onyx and travertines, and possessing the practical advantages of large-sized porcelain tiles. The collection which is characterised by whites, greys and striking veining allows sophisticated spaces to be created with a light material which is versatile and easy to install. A range of options for decorating any space, thanks to its variety of light colours, such as Kalos Bianco and Agatha Bianco, the warmth of Travertino Bari and Agatha Caramel, or the understated elegance of the greys of Travertino Tivoli and Graphite Stone.

This latest collection continues exploring TECHLAM’s possibilities, a porcelain tile in either 3mm or 5mm thicknesses, which is sold in large size tiles making it the perfect solution for floors, walls, facades and other architectural and decorative elements. Furthermore the ongoing and innovative R&D carried out by the brand has led to TECHLAM having the most advanced digital technology in the sector, an essential requirement to be able to carry on creating new and surprising realities.

The Stone Collection is the result of a creative process designed for and by fans of design. A fusion of natural forms and the most advanced technology which we are sure you will enjoy as soon as you see it. Have a look here!

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