The 7 wonders of Natural Stone

Natural Stone is one of nature’s greatest contributions to interior design and architecture. Its versatility allows it to be used in many different design and building options, ranging from exquisite bathrooms or elegant hallways to robust buildings that need to pass the test of time. Levantina has a full range of Natural Stone that include marbles and granites, often among the favorite materials used by designers and architects for their creations. Here we provide 7 convincing reasons as to why this material should be your “natural choice”.

Wonder # 1: Contrast

Contrast is all about offering different shades of light and/or texture. For example, Markina Black marble is a great option to convey a contrasting atmosphere between the exotic nuances of almost perfect white natural geometric lines and the timeless elegance of black. The naturally occurring lines that crisscross this Natural Stone is a wonder and our extraction processes guarantee that the patterns remain untouched until it is finally placed in your chosen space.

Wonder # 2: Wear and tear 

Granite is a great material for the wear and tear of everyday use in any kitchen and we particularly like this option in Peacock granite that blends perfectly with this rustic atmosphere. Granite is non-porous and resistant to heat and stains so any heavy duty kitchen should seriously consider this stone.

Wonder # 3: Color codes

Remember your Crayola® Crayons when you were a kid? It was fascinating to play with the different colors, creating those splashy patterns or filling in your favorite fancy dress or cartoon characters. Those first days of inspiration with color codes surely stuck in your mind to help you use them on your day to day creations with Natural Stone. This option of blended whiplash patterns in marble tiles of black, white and brown is just an example of the no-limits use to color in Natural Stone.

Wonder # 4: Light

Light is to space what inspiration is to any art form: the backbone of success. If you want to seduce your clients in choosing a design that you know is the perfect option for what they need, light up! Light is why places like Southern Europe’s Mediterranean area are paramount to the art of bon vivre and why it is so readily imitated in many concepts. Levantina’s Crema Marfil is capable of placing light in the most demanding atmospheres.

Wonder # 5: Simplicity 

An old adage says that less is more and although this can be widely debated, it also applies to Natural Stone. You can dress up any décor with the furnishings you desire just as well as you can dress it down and still convey the right atmosphere. Take a look at this fabulous living room full of light that brings reminiscences of architect Mies Van der Rohe. The Supreme Gold wall on the left gives the space just the right amount of color and contrast!

Wonder # 6: Cost

Budget is always an issue. Well, almost always. But if it is, then Natural Stone is your natural choice. The price/quality ratio is unbeatable and the economies of scale in any project are probably among the most efficient in the interior design or construction landscape. The ease of installation coupled with the durability of the stone and energy efficiency tilts the balance in favor of this material, whilst helping you reinforce your status as a cost concerned designer!

Wonder # 7: Environmentally friendly

Natural Stone is one of the most environmentally friendly materials to use in projects. A report produced by SISTech in collaboration with Heriot-Watt University of Edinburgh for Historic Scotland concluded, among other findings, that the carbon footprints of sandstone and granite are lower than those of other building materials. Furthermore, quarrying and processing of natural stone such as granite is not very energy intensive compared with the production processes of other materials, thus helping reduce CO2 emissions.

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