porcelánico en fachadas exteriores

The benefits of using porcelain in exterior facades

Facades are an excellent place to bring the incredible properties of latest-generation porcelains to life. With their durable and weather-resistant features, these porcelains are, with good reason, among the best materials to use in architectural projects involving ventilated facades.

Porcelain is increasingly in demand by architects because it offers enormous technical advantages. Most notably, it requires little maintenance, it has great wear and sunlight resistance, and it is water-resistant.

However, there is more to porcelain than just functional advantages. Its broad range of colours and aesthetic possibilities make it a cladding material that, by itself, can meet the needs of every architect and building professional.

Techlam comes in 6 different design collections, with more than 50 shades available and a wide variety of finishes and nuances. This product can also easily imitate other natural materials, such as cement, stone, or wood. Its aesthetic possibilities multiply with every combination.

That is how design and modernity come together to produce a porcelain that never fails to fascinate, with its sophisticated nuances taken to the highest level thanks to the unique properties of the material.


A light, versatile material

Another remarkable aspect of Techlam is its large format and minimal sheet thickness. This hi-tech solution for facades makes it possible to create integral projects with a single ceramic material, or combine several of them giving imagination free rein.

With its large formats, Techlam can be used to cover surfaces with virtually invisible joints. This makes it possible to create sleek spaces with a feeling of infinity that very few materials can achieve. Also, the fact that its joints are barely noticeable means that water damage and subsequent problems caused by moisture can be avoided. 

Techlam® also stands out because it makes renovations easier, as it can be installed directly on top of any surface. This translates into saving time and money.


Sustainability always at the heart

In addition, Techlam® is 100% natural, does not release any harmful substances, and can be easily recycled for manufacturing aggregates and similar materials.

This is all possible thanks to Levantina’s team, who works every day to come up with the most sustainable materials possible, creating practical, durable, and appealing products that respond to building market needs.


The ideal solution

In facades, a latest-generation porcelain material such as Techlam may be an ideal solution because:

  • It is water-resistant, with a virtually null water absorption rate
  • It is weather-resistant
  • It is maintenance-free
  • It has a wide thickness and size variety, and is very light
  • It is ideal for renovations
  • It can be installed directly on top of any surface 
  • It offers a full range of colours, finishes, and shades
  • Its look and quality remain inalterable
  • Its joints are virtually invisible, so it can be used to create spaces with a feeling of infinity
  • It comes in 6 different collections: Stone collection, Industrial collection, Wood collection, Vulcano collection, Hydra collection, Basic collection


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