The best designs using Natural Stone at Casa Decor 2015, in the words of their designers

Casa Decor 2015 closes its doors, leaving us with designs which will undoubtedly set the trends in interior design and decoration. One of this year’s main new products was the enormous amount of Natural Stone in all kinds of environments and surfaces, from kitchens and bathrooms to elements like tables, walls or doors. This year, beautiful marbles and granites are being used in all corners of the home, which is why we wanted to bring together some of the best interior designers for them to tell us about their experiences. What a luxury!

Héctor Ruiz – Héctor Ruiz Architecture&Design Team 

One of the designs which will be best remembered from this year’s show is without doubt the remarkable entrance hall designed by Hector Ruiz with an exclusive Ford Vignale on a floor made from the latest Techlam collection. “We needed a material which  brings out the quality of the space, which gives it a feeling of elegance and luxury. So Techlam was the perfect choice as it has both the beauty of Natural Stone and also the qualities of a porcelain covering.

This is how the main players described Casa Decor 2015. Do you want to see more about the  designs? à

Manuel Espejo – Manuel Espejo Estudio (Manuel Espejo Studio)

The Best Design in Casa Decor 2015 has both  a first name and a surname: Manuel Espejo. His space “Loft in Love” stood out because of its warmth and the original use the designer made of the granite Cheyenne, not only on an attractive countertop, but also on surfaces such as the cupboard doors. “I like experimenting with Levantina Natural Stone on coverings, floors, walls .. but I also like to go even further and use it in other, different elements. Using Natural Stone in this different way allows me to create unique environments.”

Julián Gallego – Julián Gallego Estudio (Julián Gallego Studio)

Julian Gallego’s elegant bathroom design plays with different textures and materials, and the Carrara marble on one of the walls really stands out”. Why use a Natural Stone surface in this part of the design? “I always opt for the timelessness of marble. It will still be in fashion in many years. It is an extremely durable material and really shows the true beauty of Natural Stone.”

Claudio Salvarini – Murelli Cucine

Claudio Salvarini was one of this year’s prize-winning designers, as his “Espacio Murelli” space was chosen as the best design voted for by the public. He opted for elements with a strong personality, including materials from Levantina to create a kitchen-diner which made a harmonious and balanced unit : “We chose Warwick Rubí Riverwashed for the countertop. It is a fine, in my opinion, beautiful Stone and goes extremely well with natural oak. I would draw particular attention to its three dimensional texture which stands out from the other elements.”

Inmaculada Recio – IRI Estudio (IRI Studio)

Inmaculada Recio’s study,”Cozy Corner”, is perhaps the design which best combines modernity and timelessness, creating a very feminine, multi-use room in which  the feeling of light created by the Carrara marble really stands out. “I wanted to use one of the materials which, in my opinion, is the  most interesting: marble. I like its naturalness, its veins, its different finishes and unique character. For all of these reasons, I always like to use it in all my designs.”

Bea Silveira – Batik Interiores

A light and pleasant environment, in which the dining room moves fluidly into the kitchen without breaking the overall character. An idea which required something to provide the backbone of the design, such as the light colored marbles Tasman White and Aristea. “In this case Levantina’s Natural Stone allowed me to achieve the elegance and serenity which I was looking for in my designs.”

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