The distribution of space in trendy kitchens today

Open distribution is fashionable in today’s kitchens, which are designed hyperconnected to the living room, semi-open or with minimal dimensions. In modern homes they are the most mutant stay. Thanks to their interior design, they adapt to any spatial and domestic need with furniture, appliances and a generation of materials and countertops that are not going more decorative. They scream to show off.



Open space kitchen in white
Island Techlam® Top Marvel Gold

Designs communicated with last generation materials

In today’s kitchens, open designs are the favorites of architects and interior designers in large contemporary homes. Fully connected to living rooms and dining rooms, its decoration favors the new role acquired as the heart and engine of the home. In these multifunctional spaces, open to all family members and friends, everything adds aesthetic interest.

In addition to furniture and appliances, special attention is paid to floors, walls and other elements. Such surfaces are, more than ever, their great decorative allies. The key to these projects lies in betting on materials with high technical performance. Used as coverings and flooring are a visual luxury. At the same time it is played with the latest formats and finishes impossible not to admire, such as the mirror effect. In this context, XXL porcelain and thin thicknesses acquire a great role in these kitchens today, emphasizing their contemporary and architectural character.


White porcelain countertop in green modern kitchen
Techlam® Top mirror effect countertop


Once installed, they display an incredible spatial freedom effect. But not only that, they also generate chromatic scenarios full of beauty and sensitivity thanks to its wide tonal range. Intense, exotic or evocative colors that tune into designer furniture or minimalist air. The shapes, finishes and shades of cabinets and drawers are responsible for adding the right dose of warmth, or a more sophisticated image when presented in black gloss.


Work islands and countertops that leave their mark

In these compositions of modern kitchens, if there is an element that stands out differently from the set, they are the islands and peninsulas that they usually incorporate. Beyond the highly versatile and functional that result in domestic everyday life, they have become authentic pieces with decorative value. The purity of its geometric shapes and the coatings that look demand more attention. In particular, high-end materials used to completely cover them as enveloping skins, or only on their countertops, shaping elegant and captivating surfaces. (You can revisit our post How to choose the best countertop according to the style of your kitchen)

Sometimes they are porcelain tiles that dazzle with their aesthetic personality, evoking the appearance of quartzites, marble and other high purity materials. And on other occasions these elements and surfaces are made of natural stones such as granite and marble, especially when looking to give a more timeless character to the interior of these kitchens today.


exotic natural stones and natural look are trendy
New Naturamia® Metallo Quartzite


The placement of the islands plays a crucial role in these open or very clear distributions. Either they occupy the center of the room, or act as dividing elements to differentiate areas with the certainty that it will be a success to grant them a remarkable visibility. Admire them without more.


Integrated but independent

Another increasingly common configuration in contemporary homes is the kitchens that propose an à la carte communication with the adjoining room. Its interior design suggests maintaining its independence, isolating them only when necessary and connecting them when we feel like enjoying more free and connected spaces inside the house. (to know more about modern kitchens read our post A portrait of kitchens in 2020)

To achieve this, nothing like the elegant enclosures that are trending, based on large glass fronts that open and close because they also act as sliding doors. Their carpentry, in intense black or luminous white, reinforces the modern language of these structures.


Open kitchen
Source: Santos Cocinas


In these distributions also the appliances aesthetically favor the visual continuity that is pursued. The bells embedded in the ceiling are an excellent decorative resource to achieve this sensation, since they occupy a discreet role, they remain in the background when looking at the whole. Although they also deserve a few minutes of attention for their current designs.

In the minimum space

A planned distribution to the millimeter is the most effective interior design strategy when today’s kitchens have small dimensions. The challenge in them is to enjoy all the necessary equipment to be practical and comfortable without giving up practically nothing. Organizing furniture is essential in these tiny interiors, but not the only resources.

Folding taps are a fantastic solution to take advantage of wall holes next to windows. And mini appliances effectively solve the shortage of meters: from refrigerators designed to fit under the countertop thanks to its height, to washing machines that are narrower than usual but with the same number of programs.


(Fuente imagen: neff-home)
(Source: neff-home)

In addition, in its interior design ingenuity is very present and sometimes solutions that seem impossible a priori are proposed. Such as creating mini dining rooms attached to a small partition or a column. Again, natural stones and high-performance porcelain tiles have a lot to say in these corners where to eat to shape countertops that give everything aesthetically and functionally. Everything is possible in kitchens today.


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