The light of the Mediterranean reaches the most exclusive Natural Stone

Have you ever imagined having that wonderful  Mediterranean light inside your own home? We have and it inspired us to create the light of those coastal landscapes with the new formats of Natural Stone, Mediterranean Pearl, which creates the perfect light in any environment.

Mediterranean Pearl marble’s homogeneous pearl colour and exceptional polished finish  make it stand out from the crowd. As well as having its own distinctive beauty the material is extremely hard and hard-wearing which has made it possible for us to reduce its thickness so that we now have tiles as thin a 1.5cm. This new format is ideal for the new trends in interior design and means that it can be used on floors, walls and in other decorative elements.

So all  combinations and styles are possible with the practical sizes of this attractive material: large open rooms or spaces covered completely with this Natural Stone. The only limitation when designing with Mediterranean Pearl is in the imagination in the project.

Rarely can a marble be made into such a dazzling window to the outside world…

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