The magic of the open space concept

In current interior design for homes, open spaces are the trend. It is excellent proof that contemporary homes consider spaces in a different way. When rooms are more open, it is easier to share moments and enjoy environments that blend into each other. It is an innovative concept, somewhere between interior design and a new way of living


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More moments to share


Image source: Levantina


Open spaces are created to be flexible and multifunctional. These are the main features of this interior design trend, also known as open concept. Architects and interior designers choose this new type of plan more and more, especially with comprehensive remodeling projects. The goal is clear: create open areas for common use, without almost any architectonic barriers and with solutions that favor natural light and boost the feeling of spaciousness. These open spaces may open and close on a need-basis, with mobile panels and light dividers, to enjoy the privacy we all seek from time to time.

Small homes have also gotten behind this trend. It eliminates compartmentalized rooms that further reduce the spaciousness of decreased dimensions. Partitions are knocked down to create open spaces, especially in daytime areas. They are the core of the home and provide a greater sense of communal living. In them, daily activities seem more shared and bring family and friends together.

Kitchens that speak to the living room


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Kitchens were the first to adhere to the open concept. When opened to the living room, they result in open spaces full of life with a highly captivating execution. The material of furniture takes on a special interest, as well as its shapes, pure lines and finishings, easy to coordinate. They are key to unified aesthetics that take over the whole area in a subtle way, adding a cosmopolitan look. Sometimes porcelain countertops are used to visually connect with the rest of the environment with a great personality. Or high-tech granite and marble are used in kitchen islands as a transition element that provides the living room with aesthetic force.


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Seeing the success of these types of kitchens, other rooms in modern households have taken up the challenge. It is now a reality; this same concept is applied to the bathroom, fully integrated into the master bedroom. It also happens in lounge areas that find themselves joined to living rooms. The final result is always the same: open spaces full of comfort and magic.

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