The Mediterranean Stone collection, a tribute to nature

Authentic, durable, noble, and sustainable, our new Mediterranean Stone marble and limestone selection is a genuine tribute to nature. This range of stones has a natural and sophisticated touch, and includes eight different hues to choose from:

Crema Marfil Pearl, Crema Marfil Calima, Limestone Santorini, Limestone Izamal, Travertino Vallanca, Limestone Caramel, Limestone Atacama or Marble Caoba.

This line comes mainly in warm shades inspired by the Mediterranean. They transform any space, giving it a natural, welcoming, and luminous feel. This Mediterranean style also stands out for its visual purity, creating a soothing and serene atmosphere. The colour and beauty of these materials help brighten up all sorts of spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Also, the natural and rustic finishes in this collection give surfaces that inimitable and aged look that evokes the passing of time—one of the most popular decorative trends today around the world.


A carefully curated selection of premium materials

Among the advantages of this premium selection are its low porosity and water absorption, its resistance to impact and high temperatures, its high durability, and its easy care. All these features are well worth considering when taking on architectural or reform projects. In addition, the composition of these natural stones makes them very resistant to wear, remaining virtually unaltered over time. Because of this, they are an excellent fit for outdoor designs.

But what really makes these natural stones special is the variety of formats, from posts to copings to tiles and pavers of every kind, and myriad measurements and thicknesses, making them the right choice for all manner of exterior decor, such as gardens, porches, terraces, and pools.


Why choose Levantina’s materials?

Since 1959 we strive to offer integral, quality services every day. That is why today we are highly respected in the Natural Stone industry worldwide. We facilitate the execution of any project from start to finish, providing guidance on how to lay out, install, and care for materials.

At Levantina we rely on our own resources. As we source most of our materials from our many quarries, we are able to guarantee supply and undertake large-scale projects. In this sense, we have the world’s largest Crema Marfil marble quarry, Monte Coto, which is located in the province of Alicante (Spain). This, together with Levantina’s large output and specialization capacities at its 8 factories, allows us to keep high quality standards globally.


Sustainability and commitment to the environment

Our commitment to sustainable development and the environment spans the entire life cycle of our products. They meet all the necessary environmental requirements for any construction project to obtain the LEED, BREEAM or VERDE certifications. This selection of products is also 100% recyclable and its production processes are based on renewable energy sources and water reuse.

Download the new Mediterranean Stone catalogue here.

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