The return of color to design: A game of emotions

Contemporary home interiors are no longer neutral scenarios nor pure minimalist white rooms. The return of color to these chambers is a reality that allows us to experience new sensory emotions. Captivating color palettes are here to bring life to rooms without invading them, like strokes of optimism and uniqueness.


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Sensory pleasure


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The return of color to contemporary home interiors is endorsed by Pantone Color Institute and their unconditional faith in color to regenerate spaces. This time, their support is not for a single tone, but for different color palettes. These were conceived to stimulate beyond what the eye can see as a way to interact with the people within the rooms. it has been confirmed by their vice-president, Laurie Pressman. This return of color must be understood as a wonderful way to express emotion and even remember other periods.

It is not about giving preference to some colors and banishing others, it is about introducing more color. Although Ultra Violet is, and will continue to be, the preferred color in 2019 according to the prestigious institute, the return of color to interiors gives way to new tones that can awaken our senses. Eyesight and smell are stimulated in the face of apricot oranges, intense reds, dazzling purples, caviar blacks, sea blues, and even greens that remind us of fresh-cut grass in exuberant gardens. They coexist with calmer, more basic color palettes to become more enduring. From animal skin inspired proposals to oil gray and blush tones, in fashion last year, the range is vast.

New territories to explore


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Moreover, this return to color to design is seductive. It encompasses interesting proposals that disrupt tradition, avoiding the transformation of rooms into multicolor areas. The key now is to enjoy a harmony of color. In many cases, the same color range is used for the décor of the main rooms of the house. However, there are now many preferred territories in which to unfold, not just one. Color is brought to unusual surfaces, such as ceilings and floors, and to natural materials that acquire a new aesthetic dimension, such as stone countertops in exotic black.

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The return of color also embraces certain color details on furniture, carpentry and joints in ceramic pieces: black or golden finishings on kitchen furniture, glass doors with luxury profiles, etc. Very stylish touches in contemporary decoration.

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