The secrets of quartzites for kitchen and bathroom countertops

In contemporary homes, quartzites are natural stones demanded more than ever as materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops. The magnificent qualities of this pure natural stone pierce the aesthetic. On a technical level, they outperform synthetic materials in many aspects. The quartzites are unbeatable. The time has come to unveil its best kept secrets and to know this diamond in the rough to renovate today’s kitchens.


Quartzite countertop Naturamia® Nuvolato
Quartzite countertop Naturamia® Nuvolato


From ancient stones to unbeatable quartzite countertops

In the avant-garde homes the presence of this material is usually found in the kitchens. Specifically, transformed into beautiful quartzite countertops, such as Naturamia® quartzite countertops, which offer a level of performance and a final image difficult to match other materials. With an appearance very similar to the veined aesthetics of marble, so fashionable today for kitchens, but with much superior results in durability and resistance.


Quartzite countertop Naturamia® Calacatta Bohem
Quartzite countertop Naturamia® Calacatta Boheme


These millenary stones are one hundred percent natural and can have 98% pure quartz in their composition, which makes them extremely hard and resistant. This is perfectly visible in them through precious fragments of crystals and minerals. And it is precisely this characteristic that they are noble materials of the highest durability. For that reason they are much more solid before the impacts that any technical material like the prefabricated ones that affirm to carry in their composition compacted dust of quartz; they even exceed the hardness of granite, traditionally considered a reference stone in hardness and strength.


Naturamia® Metallo Quartzite Breakfast Bar
Naturamia® Metallo Quartzite Breakfast Bar


The Naturamia® quartzite collection is the best demonstration of all that this stone emerged from nature is capable of offering innate beauty after millions of years under the heat and pressure of the Earth. Its unmistakable appearance, with deep veins and infinite nuances and brightness, makes its authenticity clear, as the only material it is. No two quartzites are the same and this fact gives them great value. With them, the kitchen countertops stand out in the domestic decoration for their way of adding an elegant and exclusive naturalness. That balance so longed for today as a decorative current.



Quartzite countertop and Naturamia® Belvedere quartzite
Quartzite countertop and Naturamia® Belvedere quartzite


However, its applications in modern interior design and modern architecture projects go much further with identical aesthetic results. The bathrooms are also a space to conquer, as sublime coverings or finishes for furniture and sinks. And the interior walls are totally suitable surfaces to be coated with quartzites of more powerful clear or degraded backgrounds.

A dazzling and lifelong melting pot

The natural beauty displayed by the quartzites of this Naturamia® collection is far from uniform. The numerous varieties that make it up make up a chromatic richness worth highlighting. It is another of the great secrets of this fine and extremely hard material; its extensive family of tonal ranges, nothing to do with each other. They can be serene green with suggestive waters, marbled ivories very powerful visually … Or mysterious and magnetic blacks that strengthen this color as the king tone for more daring and sophisticated sets.


Green Quartzite countertop Naturamia® Verde Lara
Green Quartzite countertop Naturamia® Verde Lara


In addition, this collection of quartzites manages to integrate into contemporary decoration with two very different finishes that facilitate its dialogue in the interiors. On the one hand, the so-called polishing is the one that defines them most, with an extremely bright shine, almost as if they were mirror sheets. And on the other, its vintage finish, characterized by its textured touch, and a matt, softer and softer image.

Of course Natural stone conquers decoration. Specifically, quartzites are for life, a star material that deserves greater prominence. No imitations possible.

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