The secrets of the new luxury in design

L-U-X-U-R-Y. It is present in current interior design with a language that has nothing to do with the old ostentatious aesthetics. This concept permeates any decorative style and uses more than specific materials. Luxury in design involves environments and spatial sensations with simplicity as the cornerstone.


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Spatial luxury

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When talking about this concept, it is correct to state that there is luxury in spatial décor, directly associated to it and the beauty it can generate, bathed in natural sunlight. It has the ability to awaken sensations and emotions to explore the openness and history of renovated spaces. Interior design projects in old houses allow the past of walls and structures to speak out loud, while taking away any traditional imprint on décor. Thus, eclectic, sometimes transgressive, environments are born offering a contemporary minimalist comfort. Fluid rooms that make way to the outdoors, in tight communion with the environment, are a synonym of living in spatial luxury.

A call for authenticity


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When the new luxury in design comes into play in any indoor space, it is intimate and earthy. It adds non-artificial materials and furniture, not necessarily expensive. The main value comes from them being authentic and original restored pieces from past decades. They add precious value. Craftsmanship and hand-made objects also blend into this captivating concept. Sometimes the elements are already in place, it is just a matter of rescuing a masonry wall, hard-wood stairs or encaustic cement floors with a story to tell.

However, current luxury in rooms also involves natural materials and high-quality fabrics that ennoble without ostentation. Elegant velvet upholstery is perfect for living rooms and lounges, preserving their simplicity. In the same way, gold-leaf details are seen in modern accessories with current patinas, such as mirror frames and unusual surfaces. In bathrooms and kitchens, this luxury in design is shown on countertops, which are almost sculpted pieces, in granite or natural stone, that showcase a dazzling formal beauty.


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This is the new luxury, without forgetting that non-aesthetical concepts, values and life-styles also matter, such as sustainability, ethics and creativity, which also portray today’s living spaces.

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