The unique natural beauty of Techlam

Techlam®, part of Levantina Group, has been a leading brand in sintered stone worldwide since 2007.  

In this sense, backed by the most advanced technology, Techlam® is guided by its main pillars of sustainability, unlimited versatility, know-how, innovation, foresight, and quality. 

Techlam® is also a repository of its employees’ know-how, passed down from veteran craftsmen to young apprentices ever since 1959 to create the most exclusive and beautiful designs. Skilled artisans in the natural stone world, our practitioners are able to integrate the unique beauty of nature into this sintered stone surface, so innovative and sustainable, with the maximum quality guaranteed by the most advanced technology. 


Techlam®, a sintered stone of captivating natural beauty  

Techlam® comes in all formats and thicknesses available in the market: 3, 5, 6, 12 and 20 mm. It is an ideal material for many applications, both indoors and outdoors, offering an entire universe of possibilities for architecture and interior design projects. An excellent example of this would be its many applications in the kitchen, where it can be used in floors, walls, furniture and naturally, worktops, the most demanded application for being trendy and functional. 


Techlam® and its commitment to sustainability 

As mentioned earlier, Levantina Group is strongly committed to sustainability. That commitment translates into its protection of the environment, and goes hand in hand with economic growth and giving back to the local community. A reflection of this is the prevention and environmental control of production processes in accordance with ISO 14001. 

Also, the new Techlam® production plant in Nules (Castellón), which will use the most advanced technology in the industry, will enable a more efficient use of energy. 

Another basic pillar of the way the brand promotes sustainability is the use of recycled materials in its products, accounting for 84 per cent in the case of Techlam®.  

Techlam® also uses fully renewable, certified electricity in its production processes, has acquired more efficient production equipment, and now uses LED-based lighting at its production plants and offices.  

Furthermore, Techlam® has earned international credentials, including the Greenguard and Greenguard Gold certifications that guarantee its product does not release toxic compounds to the environment.  


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