The wide range of colours in Natural Stone

Natural Stone’s range of colours makes it ideal for use in any space. From a contemporary kitchen to more conservative spaces such as a sitting room decorated with classic accessories, marble and granite allow the designer to play with different colours and textures at the same time as offering the client the possibility of having elegant, high quality materials in their home.

One of this season’s standout marbles is Canfranc an intensely black stone obtained from a quarry operated by Levantine and located in the Aragon Pyrenees. This material has white striations which give any part of the house a natural elegance. A living room, a sitting room with a fireplace or an entrance hall are places where this material can be combined with a wide range of colours of textiles, furniture and accessories.

On the other hand the versatility of granite, a stone which by nature scores high on the Mohs scale of hardness and so has a high level of resistance to abrasion, makes this an ideal material for a kitchen countertop where what is being looked for is resistance as well as hygiene and functionality. The wide range of materials in the Granite Collection offers many options for changing the look of a space. That is where the granite Barocco can be used, but if what you want is a more classical kitchen then Alaska is what you are looking for in a more informal space with a more contemporary feel.

In a different environment we can use other colours such as yellow marble, which is particularly suitable for paving, flooring and interior and exterior wall covering. For example, Coto Gold, in our opinion, goes particularly well with the colour ochre and also with wood. A kitchen with a parquet floor or a room where wood is one of the most visible features go particularly well with this material.

It provides an enormous range of colours and materials to choose from when designing the perfect room. So come and have a look on our webpage

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