What is the best kitchen countertop?

The best kitchen countertop is the one that satisfies the requirements and expectations of each client, and this is the most important starting point. Depending on the use and care that is going to be given to the countertop, We must assess the technical properties of the material of which it is composed. In general terms, the most resistant ones, regarding its technical properties, are 100% Natural Stone countertops, such as Granites and Quartzites, as well as the latest generation of Porcelain countertops.


Cocina con encimera y frontal Naturamia® Amarula
Cocina con encimera y frontal Naturamia® Amarula

The most important thing: get informed.

Choosing the best countertop takes time and, above all, to learn very well about the different materials and possibilities. All materials have their pros and cons. There are 100% Natural Authentic Stone materials, such as those offered by Levantina with Naturamia®. There are also state-of-the-art technical materials, known as porcelain tiles, such as Techlam® Top countertops, which are made from a mixture of minerals and natural clays, compacted at high pressures and industrially baked at high temperatures. Other varieties of prefabricated with quartz powder and other mixtures of synthetic technical materials as well as materials made with wood are not going to be considered in this article.

Porcelain island Techlam® Marvel Gold
Porcelain kitchen island Techlam® Marvel Gold


Natural stone countertops

The best countertops, in terms of impact resistance and hardness in the case of impacts, are Granites and Quartzites (MANY ATTENTION, MUST NOT BE CONFUSED with the prefabricated quartz mentioned above). Quartzite is a 100% Natural Pure Stone and only natural stone, with any other synthetic materials added. It is directly extracted from nature and, just like granites, par excellence, quartzites and granites are the hardest materials that best resist accidental impacts that may happen while woring on the kitchen.

Naturamia® Stromboli granite
Granite and Quartzite Natural Stones are extremely resistant materials

These Natural Stones also have a great resistance to heat, this allows us to work with total peace of mind on these countertops with hot objects without fear of marks, color losses or even cracks in the countertop. These Granite and Quartzite countertops, such as those of Naturamia®, are products that last a lifetime and that today go far beyond the old mottled. Today the collections and varieties have colors and shapes that range from the most beautiful whites to the most impressive and exotic mixed blacks. If we choose to put a granite or quartzite countertop, we will have to assess only that they require a little attention and care about not leaving a long time on the countertops acidic or abrasive chemicals since, in some cases, they could cause surface marks.


Naturamia® Nuvolato countertop
All Naturamia® countertops all have an exclusive stain protection that prevents the absorption of liquids

In the case of Naturamia® countertops, they all have an exclusive stain protection that prevents the absorption of liquids on the surface, being completed with a protection that must be applied by the marbleist in his installation with Protop, leaving the countertop perfectly prepared for use as working plan.

Latest generation porcelain countertops

The resistance to wear in general, to scratches and heat are also a feature to stand out on porcelain countertops. The latest generation porcelain materials also have a high hardness and resistance in general to wear and use over time, keeping their colors unchanged over the years. With Techlam® Top porcelain countertops, for example, we can place any hot pot or pan without any worries, or we can even flaunt food on it without problems. We could make cuts in food equally on the same surface of the porcelain countertop with total peace of mind.

Techlam® Top Quartzite porcelain countertop
Porcelain countertops combine maximum resistance and design


These countertops have a completely waterproof surface that does not release any type of substance, which makes them highly hygienic surfaces for even work with food on them. With these countertops we also have the advantage of being able to choose between wide ranges of designs and colors of full trend.

In short, choosing the perfect countertop is about getting really well informed on the properties of the different materials and really knowing what we can expect from each of them.


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