• Roca's "El Santuario" space, designed by architect Andreu Carulla, received the award for Casa Decor 2024 Best Project and third place for the Most Voted Space by the Public
  • The bathroom unit in Naturamia Cheyenne Xtreme original stone is the central piece that helps create the atmosphere of natural beauty and care for the environment


The Levantina Group, with its original natural stone brand, Naturamia, played a part in the double win for the "El Santuario" space at Casa Decor 2024, for its collaboration with Roca and architect Andreu Carulla. The bathroom sanctuary space received two awards during the XII Casa Decor Interior Decor and Design Awards Ceremony: the Casa Decor 2024 Best Project and third place for the Most Voted Space by the Public.


Located inside the Palace in the old chapel, the space was transformed into a natural sanctuary revolving around a closed circuit shower; a design that embodies care for the environment, with vegetation and soft lighting completing this space of mystical introspection. Within this sanctuary, the central unit with double sink from the Levantina Group represents a fundamental piece, which was essential to the design to create this inspiring atmosphere that evokes exclusive natural beauty.


The Naturamia Cheyenne Xtreme original stone, with its polished surface, transforms the washbasins, large mirror and door into beautiful sculptures. The vintage finish featured on this granite preserves the natural tone and original qualities, allowing it to act as the connecting thread between the decadence of the chapel and the modernity of the architect's design. The piece selected by Carulla, made with original stone from the Levantina Group, combines the functionality, sustainability and aesthetic aspect of the designer's vision, as well as the immersive presence of the Cheyenne Xtreme natural original stone.


The Levantina Group at Casa Decor 2024


Levantina Group stone has returned to the biggest event of the year for interior decor, design and trends in Spain, with its renowned and iconic brands: Naturamia original stone, Techlam sintered stone, and the Levantina Group's Marble and Premium Tile. The company blends versatility and character with its innovative offering in six different spaces across several floors of Madrid's Palacio de la Trinidad, from main and guest bathrooms to an outside garden, via a palatial kitchen and auditorium space.


All the spaces created for Casa Decor that feature Levantina Group products have a low-impact commitment on the environment, in line with the #CasaDecorSostenible sustainability project. Indeed, the group is committed to environmental, economic and social sustainability for all its materials.


The exclusive Levantina Group spaces, including their original stone and sintered stone ranges, can be seen at the Niessen, RQH, Roca, Ess Interiores, Arrital and Jardín/David Jiménez spaces until Sunday 26 May, at the 59th edition of Casa Decor at the Palacio de la Trinidad in Madrid.


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