Levantina Group continues to make progress in its global sustainability strategy and adds the Zero Waste certificate for its Techlam sintered stone plant in Novelda, one of the most innovative materials developed by the company. This seal is in addition to other certifications obtained by the brand, such as Greenguard, which has also been presented to its recognised marble from Alicante, Crema Marfil, and the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), shared by the entire range of marble produced by the company.

With this milestone, the group now boasts over ten environmental certifications linked to its production processes and sustainable construction. In this last field, Levantina Group has become a leader in its commitment to sustainability, extending to all its natural stone and sintered stone products the Leed (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design Assessment) and Breeam (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment) seals , industry leaders in recognising green construction projects. In this regard, the aim of the group is for all its production plants to be Zero Waste certified, integrating the lean manufacturing model and efficiency systems into every production process in order to minimise their carbon footprint. 

A real green transition: annual reduction in the carbon footprint of 18%

In recent years, Levantina Group has opted for a short-term and long-term sustainability strategy, with voluntary targets for reducing emissions, and integrating responsible practices in all its processes. As a result, the company has achieved an annual reduction of its carbon footprint of 18.35%, and it intends to cut all its emissions by 35% by 2030.

Moreover, since 2017, all the Group's processes for the manufacture of original natural stone and sintered stone have used 100% renewable energy, and they are certified for their sustainable water management practices.

Original natural stone designed to care for nature

The company's commitment to sustainability and low environmental impact is also reflected in the production of sustainably-sourced natural stone for outdoor use, focused on creating friendlier urban environments that are better adapted to the climate. These materials include the recent Premium Tile range, and especially its original Pavex stone flooring, which can reduce the heat island effect, or the increase in temperature caused by pavements in the city by retaining heat in the daytime and releasing it at night.

This 100% recyclable floor tile produced with marble from Spanish quarries stands out for its high Solar Reflectance Index (SRI), a feature that significantly reduces heat absorption compared to the use of materials such as concrete, thus avoiding temperature increases in spaces like squares and pedestrian walkways, and reducing the effects of global warming. In addition, the use of this specially-treated marble improves the aesthetic appeal of environments. which is essential when collaborating on projects to restore degraded spaces.

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