Levantina arrives at Cersaie 2015 with important new designs for its star porcelain TECHLAM®

28 September 2015

Levantina has designed a concept Gastro Bar using TECHLAM® products, called ELEMENTS, offering the most exquisite cuisine

Once again Levantina comes to Cersaie 2015 with important new designs of its thin and large-format porcelain, TECHLAM®.

Innovation is a Levantina hallmark and at this year's fair, one of the most important in the ceramic and porcelain industry, the company uses its new collection to show the infinite range of possibilities offered by TECHLAM®, a material which combines design, versatility and functionality and can be used for any project both indoors and outdoors.

This new collection has a range of new colours and textures which are inspired by quality materials, ranging from natural stone to wood, including steel and a new component: cement.

Nature tamed by technology

What makes this new TECHLAM® collection stand out is the way the technology used in the manufacture of the porcelain material has managed to reproduce the purity of the textures and colours of the materials which they are inspired by.

"This collection is the best exponent of how the technology we use at Levantina to produce TECHLAM® is capable of creating a high quality product which performs superbly however it is used. We are convinced that the customer will be very happy with our new designs for a fair as important as Cersaie", said Javier Guardiola, TECHLAM® Business Director.

One of the stand out new products is Magma, a marble-coloured product which is part of the Stone Collection. Magma's flame colour gives it a sophisticated feel and is inspired by the Italian stone Portoro, which has a black background and gold veining. This gives the new porcelain an air of exclusiveness and elegance with high aesthetic qualities which go perfectly in any space where distinctiveness is the most important consideration.

Another important new product is Strattos Collection whose veins and grooves make it look and feel like cement which has been levelled. This material is ideal for giving an industrial feel to spaces when you want a contemporary, functional look. Strattos is sold in a natural or bushhammered finish.

On the other hand, a new white product has been added to the Steel Collection, the porcelain from TECHLAM® inspired by steel: Steel White. Steel White has a sobriety and austerity while still retaining its elegance; it is lighter in colour and also very much on trend now for interiors. The Steel Collection faithfully reproduces aged steel and has a post-industrial aesthetic very much in tune with the era of new technologies.

Village is another new design for Cersaie 2015. Village is a spectacular pastiche of woods which creates a very natural contrast and has astonishingly realistic touches, even including holes and knots found in wooden constructions. Village, one of the designs in the Deco Collection, has a backward-looking which transports us to the countryside and is a warm material which goes well with many other materials depending on the styles wanted.

Elements, an exceptional space

TECHLAM® by Levantina always arrives at Cersaie with exceptional spaces which give added value to the visitor, both aesthetically and practically.

As with the display for last year's event where Google Glass technology allowed the visitor to have a 360º experience of the products, the company and the design of TECHLAM® were warmly received.

That is why this year the concept underlying Levantina's stand, situated in Hall 26, Stand B182, is an approach of the best cuisine in a setting specially designed for the occasion with all the new TECHLAM® designs and called ELEMENTS. With ELEMENTS, Levantina offers the visitor a "TECHLAM® Gastro" based on the concept of the "gastro bar" where the most delicious gastronomic products can be enjoyed. ELEMENTS is constructed by combining the new porcelain products Magma, Steel White, Village and Strattos.

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