‘Origin’ awarded the First Prize for Design in the Best Communicator Awards 2015 at Marmomacc

10 October 2015

For this year's Marmomacc, Levantina commissioned the architect Héctor Ruiz to design its stand based on the title "Origin". His design masterfully combines Levantina's natural products with the latest trends in interior design and was awarded the "Best Communicator Award" First prize for Design from the Abitari il Tempo organisation by the prize-giving jury.

“Origin” is a living space that appeals to the senses of visitors to the Verona trade fair, affecting their touch, their sight and their memory. It fills each surface with all of the feelings and emotions in the exhibition hall and creates an evocative space ready to live in.
The architectural design is based on opposing, parallel, perpendicular, and surprising planes that transcend form and where the incomparable diversity and richness of the natural stone materials exhibited by Levantina invites visitors to actually touch them.
The design for Levantina's Verona Stand by the architect Héctor Ruiz Velázquez searches, motivates and provokes through human, constructible lines that are very close to our roots. It appeals like nothing else to our origins and remains fixed in the memories of anyone who visits the stand. The feeling of domesticity at the heart of this project has a star, "pure quarried matter" torn from nature because of its rich colours, forms and designs.

A range of Natural Stones whose architectural application produces traditional but also surprising sensations. Perpendicular planes held up by blocks, monoliths which apart from strength also have something ethereal. Suspended decontextualized projections challenging the law of gravity. It confronts the aesthetic of natural stone, which itself transmits solidity, not only in its geological origin, but also in the way marble, stone and granite is extracted and on the other hand gives a feeling of subtlety, habitability and freedom of expression. Raising, glorifying, and experimenting with shapes, opening versus closing. A move in a more artistic direction aimed at strengthening the identity of the brand and its elegant and carefully selected range of materials. An international exhibition which creates an impact and leaves nobody untouched because it is without frontiers.

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