Pavex Special sizes

Urban configurations comprise construction elements with a double function: to make the area operational and to embellish it. The exterior paving collection by Levantina can be cut to measure to adapt it to any architectural requirement.

The restoration of historic settings and the development of public spaces include construction elements such as tree surrounds, kerbs, urban furniture, gutters or tactile paving, all of which can be carried out with natural PAVEX products to fully integrate them into the urban setting. This allows spaces to breathe harmony in a way that only fine materials such as Natural Stone can confer.

  • The versatility of Natural Stone

Urban elements

The versatility of Natural Stone allows it to be cut to measure for making all kinds of urban elements, helping to configure spaces that are fully integrated into their setting.

  • Spaces that blends into the environment

  • Endless creations


The PAVEX stone collection is characterised by its extremely high resilience, making it particularly recommendable for high-traffic outdoor areas such as squares, parks or pedestrian streets.

  • High-traffic

  • Resistant to the passage of time

  • Non-slip