• Location

    Zahara de los Atunes, Cádiz
  • Product

    Techlam Neu
  • Architect

    Juan Carlos Valencia

Private House – Atlanterra

A combination of colours that pays tribute to the essence of the Atlantic. White and blue take centre stage in this house, located in the town of Zahara de los Atunes in Cádiz province. The ventilated façade in Techlam Basic Neu plays the starring role.

An enclave that evokes an earthly paradise. A benign climate caressed by the southerly winds. And an architectural project that chooses two ever-successful key elements: straight, pure lines and the colour white. With these trump cards, the architect Juan Carlos Valencia and the construction company Atlanterra were on to a winner in this magnificent private house. Situated in Zahara de los Atunes, on the front line of the Atlantic, the views it enjoys are the only rivals to its triumphant aesthetic. Its ventilated façade in Techlam Basic Neu by Levantina adds further qualities to the excellence of an architecture that is as elegant as it is discreet.
Based on balanced volumes that gradually shape a harmonious whole, the house capitalises on the exterior cladding in Techlam Basic Neu. The colour contrast achieved by opposing its white skin to the blue of the sky is nuanced by the presence of the slate walls, whose neutral hues provide the necessary note of equilibrium. Techlam Basic Neu thus becomes the best choice in a project that combines the lightness of transparent glass, the rusticity of slate and the elegance of premium-quality porcelain material.


  • Basic Neu

    Basic Collection
  • A façade without frontiers that escapes the horizon. The flawless white of Techlam Basic Neu becomes the lightweight anchor of the tempered glass railings.

  • The combination of the off-white Techlam Basic Neu cladding and the intense greenery of the surroundings configures an architecture where you truly wish to live.


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