• Location

    Elgóibar, Guipúzcoa, Spain
  • Product

    Techlam® Basic Black
  • Architect

    TYM Asociados

99 VPO Elgóibar

The imposing presence of Techlam® Basic Black porcelain material dominates the aesthetic of this residential complex in the Basque Country. The black building is cut out against a green and hilly landscape in perfect symbiosis with it.

Equilibrium, symmetry and solidity characterise this architectural project by the TYM Asociados practice, an imposing construction framed by a convoluted terrain in the municipality of Elgoibar, in the province of Guipúzcoa. Clad in Techlam® Basic Black slabs simultaneously used in two sizes, the restraint of this porcelain material by Levantina and the structured arrangement of the pieces that cover it reaffirm the compact character of the building. In straight lines and pronounced angles, it allows for many points of view. From the front, the aesthetic order is impeccable.
Contributing to this is the alternation of dark horizontal strips in Techlam® Basic Black cladding with others in steel that play down the weight of the huge volumetry and contain the windows of the flats. The result is a grid with a precise visual rhythm.
The perspective from the sides, however, gives us a geometry with folds and sharp edges that recall the keel of a stranded ship: the deep black colour of the porcelain material symbolises how deeply this scenic dominance roots it in the land. A veritable metaphor for strength, stability and permanence.


  • Basic Black

    Basic Collection
  • A restrained combination of black porcelain and steel

  • Techlam® Basic Black clads a residential complex in the municipality of Elgoibar

  • Techlam® Basic Black clads a residential complex in the municipality of Elgoibar


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