• Location

    Prague, Czech Republic
  • Product

    Techlam® Basic Neu
  • Interior designer

    Studio Pha

Bomton Florentinum

Breathtakingly modern and with a touch of glamour, the Bomton Florentinum beauty salon reflects the most on-trend and stylish luxury. The white backdrop created by Techlam® Basic Neu on walls and floors is the best canvas for fully displaying its artistry.

Far distant from the minimalist and austere interiors that appear to be dominating some avant-garde spaces, the Bomton Florentinum hair dressing and styling salon in Prague (Czech Republic) shines thanks to its ambition to grab the limelight, a limelight softened by the fantastic interior design which the project boasts and which generates a setting combining functionality, beauty and a slight taste for excess. In order to bring out the most intense details, the chosen backdrop was Techlam® Basic Neu porcelain material, which creates an expansive white surface of absolute purity against which all architectural and decorative details acquire special importance.
The Techlam® Basic Neu floors in the salon are continuous surfaces with barely visible joins thanks to their rectified finish. The white of the floor combines with that of the ceiling, and between them create a space where the magnificent frieze in curved and sinuous wood stands out as the most important focal point. Across from it, the work area is functional and practical but does not eschew a quality design.


  • Basic Neu

    Basic Collection
  • A Techlam® Basic Neu porcelain floor is a white canvas against which the best interior design projects can shine

  • Strong, inalterable and easy to maintain, white porcelain becomes the most discreet and necessary star of this project


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