• Location

    Mexico City, Mexico
  • Product

    Silvestre GT
  • Architect

    Grow Arquitectos

Centro Comercial Vía Vallejo

Levantina’s Natural Stone Silvestre GT exhibits all of its innate earthy beauty in this Mexico City shopping centre. A multidisciplinary granite that casts itself as a top material for covering floors.

Vía Vallejo stands with its imposing outline against the landscape of Mexico City, displaying its modern architecture of open spaces that look to the sky and the surrounding setting. A shopping centre with a forceful aesthetic thanks to the use of materials with great formal expressiveness, such as Silvestre GT granite by Levantina. This Natural Stone decks out the floors of the building, transforming them into surfaces of innate personality through the variations in its colouring, halfway between white and cream, and its intermingled yellow and brown pigments. The result is a unique floor, delicately warm and earthy. Both in the external spaces of this retail project and in its internal areas, Silvestre GT is the hard skin that provides them with timeless beauty and high levels of technical features.
Grow Arquitectos conceived this shopping centre as part of an even more relevant, mixed-use architectural complex, as it also integrates a residential area, health services and a hotel. The granite was supplied by Mármoles Arca. Vía Vallejo was born with the vocation of becoming an alternative leisure space for the area, equipped with numerous services and recreational proposals, with newly-created, highly dynamic spaces conceived for strolling and enjoying the open air for the greater part of the year.


  • Silvestre GT

    White and grey granite
  • The impressive technical features of Silvestre GT granite are presented in this retail project enveloped in warmth and in the luminosity it emanates

  • The suggestive tonal shadings of this Natural Stone are intensified or nuanced as the day progresses, bringing to mind the images of desert landscapes


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