• Location

    Escaldes-Engordany, Andorra
  • Product

    Blanco Castilla, Negro Sudáfrica and Tezal
  • Architect

    Jean-Michel Ruols

Centro Termolúdico Caldea

As spectacular as the landscape that surrounds it, the Centro Termolúdico Caldea boasts a clever mixture of stone and glass. Three types of very beautiful granite dominate its facade.

A project of the magnitude of the Centro Termolúdico Caldea needed quality materials that would match its ambitions. This thermal water centre situated in the European mountains is a project with a protagonist spirit. Created in 1994 by Jean Michel-Ruols, it has lost none of its architectural interest. The ensemble of reflecting glass pyramids, inspired in the snow-capped peaks that surround it, reproduces the pure skies of the Pyrenees and spreads out at the feet of a pinnacle in the same material that appears to be reaching up to the clouds.
This ensemble finds its perfect complement in the building’s main facade. The stone surface, an elegant chequerboard that combines masterfully with Blanco Castilla, Negro Sudáfrica and Tezal granites, creates a fantastic contrast with the glass and generates a solid feeling, as if it was seeking to anchor itself in the ground, while the glass is on a quest for spirituality. The project thus sets itself apart as one of the most interesting experiments in contemporary architecture built in the heart of nature, resolved with total success thanks to the three gorgeous varieties of granite. A stone that also endows the facades with all its technical qualities.


  • Negro Tezal

    Black granite
  • Blanco Castilla

    White and grey granite
  • Negro Sudáfrica

    Black granite
  • A three-coloured granite skin for an architecture that blends into its setting without ever losing its star quality


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