• Location

    Dallas (EEUU)
  • Product

    Blanco Carrara Marble by Levantina
  • Surface

    Reception counter and wall

Dallas Market Center – Dallas TX

The emblematic Dallas Market Center, a North American shopping center with a 60-year-long history, has decked out its entrance with the magnificent Blanco Carrara marble by Levantina. A luxury skin for a glamor-filled space.

Spectacular in its linear simplicity, the reception area of the Dallas Market Center (USA) is shining at its best today thanks to its lining in Blanco Carrara marble by Levantina. This singular and successful choice brings to this space the finest, purest marble and the guaranteed resilience of Natural Stone. The magnificent marble lines the reception counter and the wall behind it, creating a zone that distinguishes itself from the rest with an indefinable feeling of elegance. Crucial in creating this effect is the subtle and changing color of Blanco Carrara marble, a pure white background intersected by gray veins that seem to evoke the eternal Arctic ice. The generous counter is lined in several panels of Blanco Carrara marble in a polished finish to match and play with the wall behind it, which is covered in the same material. This means that just two linear and powerful surfaces succeed in creating an interesting feeling of “sheltered space” within the vast foyer of the shopping center. The decor in white and neutral tones, free of any surface ornaments, with an appeal that resides above all in the balance of lines and volumes, allows Blanco Carrara marble by Levantina to rise above the rest of the materials to achieve an outstanding starring role. This millennial and suggestive Natural Stone is perfect for decking out a space that emanates appeal.


  • Bianco Carrara

    White Marble
  • The veins of Blanco Carrara marble change direction on the wall panels, creating an attractive play that makes the most of its natural beauty.

  • Restrained, powerful and extremely resilient, Blanco Carrara marble by Levantina takes to itself the vocation for eternalness of this fine material.

  • The polished finish of Blanco Carrara marble, chosen as the lining of the reception counter and wall of the Dallas Market Center, captures the ambient light and multiplies it into a thousand glints.


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