• Location

    Zaragoza, Spain
  • Product

    Travertino Clásico & Silvestre GT
  • Supply

    10.000 m²

Edificio Iris Hispanidad 131

Travertine cladding envelops this housing complex on the outskirts of Zaragoza in a golden luminosity. A facade whose aesthetic beauty is deepened when the sun’s rays strike its surface, thus enhancing its natural nuances.

This ensemble of flats stands on a 3,000-m2 site in the metropolitan area of Aragón’s capital city. The construction soars above the foundations of water, light and life. In other words, a new architectural concept where this residential complex becomes an oasis within the urban surroundings.
Its links to nature and wellbeing have led it to use the finest materials in its construction. The facade is clad in Travertino Clásico, one of the most genuine stones since Roman times. Its beauty resides in its terracotta hue, which gives it an even more natural aesthetic. This Italian stone has also been used in the surround of the communal swimming pool, subtly integrating it into the architectural whole.
The indoor spa also finds its best ally in Travertino Clásico. There is no doubt that the use of this millennial material envelops the area in clear classical reminiscences that recall the original Roman thermae.
For the communal areas, the choice was the innate durability of Silvestre GT granite, a material so resilient that it makes this the best option for high-transit zones such as staircases and entryways in this 58-flat residential complex.


  • Travertino Clásico

    Travertine colours
  • Silvestre GT

    White and grey granite
  • 10,000 m2 of natural stone envelop this residential complex

  • The Iris Building Hispanidad 131 is an ode to natural beauty

  • A travertine and granite skin for a luxury residential complex

  • An urban oasis enveloped in natural materials

  • An urban oasis enveloped in natural materials

  • An urban oasis enveloped in natural materials

  • An urban oasis enveloped in natural materials


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